z.one concept Education Experience

PSC z.one concept Education Experience

Join z.one concept for a gathering of their International Creative Minds who will give you an up close experience of their new collection, fashion trends, and more!

Empower yourself with 2 days of compelling education and z.one concept headquarters in Varese, Italy and spend an additional few days to experience the Italian culture in Tuscany with z.one concept family. [dream come true!]


Witness a truly International 2-day Look & Learn and Hands On session, featuring the best Creative Artists from Italy & North America, bringing together their Creative Visions to Inspire with the most recent z.one concept Trend Collection. They will focus on the Art of the Cut, the Dynamics of the Color, and the Finesse of the Finish.


Choose one of the following options:
#1 May 11 – 16, 2019
#2 May 25 – 30, 2019

Arrival in Milan, Malpensa airport by 11am
Afternoon visit of Milan or Lake Como

Creative Cutting and Coloring Course at z.one concept Headquarters
Hands On session

Hands On session
PM departure by bus to Tuscany

Free time to explore Florence
Afternoon guided tour with group dinner to follow

Visiting Tuscan countryside
PM departure by bus to Milan

Fly back home


Costs: $1600 per person (includes 2-day course, 5 nights hotel based on double occupancy, 5 dinners, 3 lunches, and 2 guided tours)

No time to extend your trip? Join us for a 2-day course only May 12 – 13 or May 26 – 27 – $900 per person (includes cost of 2-day course, 2-nights hotel based on double occupancy, 2 dinners, and 2 lunches).

*Airfare to Milan NOT included
**You are required to bring your own equipment for the course. Heat tools and mannequin heads will be provided.

Summertime means SUN & MORE from milk_shake

SUN & MORE by milk_shake

You can’t think of hair sun protection without
thinking of milk_shake’s SUN & MORE!

Sun protection isn’t just for skin; your client’s hair needs protection from the sun, too! z.one concept has come to the rescue with milk_shake SUN & MORE. This follicle-protecting product line gives you the ultimate essentials to serve your client some summer beauty complete with UV protection, hydration and a deliciously exotic fragrance!

What happens when your client’s hair is unprotected by sun? During summer, pollution, wind, chemicals, hairdryers and brushing can all potentially damage the hair, as well as the sun, salt and chlorine, creating damage. Ew.


For all of your clients who enjoy being poolside, oceanside or just want to live close as close as they can to the sun, you can whip out SUN & MORE and whip those locks into perfection. From restorative shampoo to miracle hair masks, this product line does all of the work so you and your client can kick back!

ALL OVER SHAMPOO [hair & body moisturizing shampoo]

A ‘two-in-one’ cleansing and soothing formula for your client’s hair and body, ideal after swimming in the sea or pool, or year-round to leave skin soft and protect hair from the lightening and dehydrating effects of the sun.

BEAUTY MASK [intensive nourishing hair mask]

Intensive nourishing and conditioning mask for hair to be used after shampooing to soothe the damaging effects of the sun, salt, wind and chlorine. Its deep action, created through the synergy of conditioning ingredients with natural extracts, leaves your client’s hair soft, radiant and manageable.

INCREDIBLE MILK [leave in treatment for all hair types]

A spray mask with 12 cosmetic benefits with UV filters, to give all the necessary elements to protect hair during the summer: 1. repairs all hair types 2. tames frizz 3. prevents split ends 4. protects from heat 5. gives manageability 6. detangles 7. gives incredible shine 8. gives body and volume 9. enhances use of flat or curling irons 10. protects and maintains color 11. protects from UV rays 12. smoothens the cuticle. How we love thee, Incredible Milk, let us count the 12 ways!

Designed to protect and serve hair, SUN & MORE contains high quality ingredients like muru muru butter, quinoa proteins, milk proteins, vitamin E, UV filters, and fruit extract. Now, about the savings you’ll land through these deals…

SUN & MORE try me kit <- What? You haven’t tried it yet??
3 sun & more all over shampoo 8.4oz
3 sun & more beauty mask 6.8oz
1 sun & more incredible milk 5.1oz

1 desk expo

SUN & MORE gift with purchase offer
9 sun & more all over shampoo 8.4oz
9 sun & more beauty mask 6.8oz
9 sun & more incredible milk 5.1oz

3 beach bags
3 sun visors
3 beach towels
1 floor stand

SUN & MORE bonus buys
Purchase all 3 products = Save 25%
Purchase a kit = Choice of one free fashion accessory
The sun is out and that means you need your supply of SUN & MORE.



To help you kick off your clients’ summer hair with all the right shades, z.one concept has brought in color expert, Kelly Leigh. Utilizing milk_shake Smoothies Intensifiers, Kelly shares how you can have a lot fun, get creative and give your clients some major hair love!

[1] PASTELS The ever-growing trend of pastels is now so much easier for you to create with milk_shake Smoothies Intensifiers. To achieve a wide range of pastel tones, form the base of your formula with Smoothies specials – Powder and/ or Pearl. Just add 1 to 5 grams of chosen Intensifier, depending on the mixture, thickness of the hair and outcome desired. Mix them together and create amazing custom shades for your clients!

[2] FASHION TONES The possibilities to create vibrant tones with the Smoothies Intensifiers are endless. Depending on how vibrant or deep you wish your client’s fashion tone to be, mix only the Intensifiers or add them to other Smoothies shades. Almost any color you dream up is possible just by adding the 4 Intensifiers to the Specials or any other Smoothies shades.

[3] CORRECTORS If your client’s hair has a strong or underlying orange tone that is in need of correcting, add up to 1g of Blue to your formula. Trying to achieve that perfect white? Blue is the answer again! Be sure to reference the color wheel and use the opposite color to correct the unwanted tones. When using the intensifiers to correct, keep a close eye on your client’s hair. As always, use your best judgment based on the integrity and porosity of your client’s hair.

[4] INTENSIFY TONES Have you ever wished for a tone to be a little brighter? Now you can achieve super bright and even more intense copper, red, and violet! By adding Intensifiers into your formula, you’re putting in more tone with no level. Can you say happy clients?! The 4 Intensifiers will deepen any shade in the milk_shake smoothies collection by adding more warmth to the exotic series or greater intensity to Mahogany. Don’t forget, mix ratio of Intensifiers is up to 50% of your color formula, depending on intensity of desired outcome.

Get started creating limitless colors for your clients with the Smoothies Intensifier series!

SMOOTHIES ASH + INTENSIFIERS [while supplies last] 10 milk_shake Smoothies Ash Shades 3.4 oz

4 milk_shake Smoothies Intensifiers 3.4 oz
1 Ash/Intensifiers Swatch Chart

[perfectly purple] For base color, mix milk_shake Smoothies 8g Pearl + 8g Silver + 2g Blue Intensifier + 6g Red Intensifier with Activating Emulsion. Formula 2 for ends 10g Pearl + 18g Silver + 1g Blue Intensifier + 2g Red Intensifier with Activating Emulsion.

[sultry strawberry blonde] Roots colored with milk_shake Creative Permanent color 7.431 and 7.35 equal parts. Ends with milk_shake Smoothies 10g 9.13 + 5g 8.13 + 10g 7e + 1g 6.43 + 3g Red Intensifier with Activating Emulsion.

[pretty in pink] On prelightened hair, use milk_shake Smoothies 25g Pearl with 10g Silver + 1g Red intensifier with Activating Emulsion.

Get ready for milk_shake’s decologic

PSC milk_shake decologic

With a complete range of lightening products, milk_shake decologic offers you solutions to enhance your in-salon lighting and toning services. Finally, technology and innovation have combined to create perfect blondes… and they’re infused with organic goodness. What the hair?!

+organic cranberry extract The presence of enormous quantities of anti-free-radical molecules, vitamins and minerals enhances protection and helps to give your client’s hair a healthy and revitalized appearance.

+clay A specific clay from Brazil with a golden hue, it has a high affinity with hair, smoothening the cuticle and enhancing repairing processes, protecting and improving the condition of both your client’s hair fiber and appearance.

+silk proteins Silk proteins have a high affinity with hair keratin, with a conditioning and protective action, giving your client’s hair manageability and shine, protecting from the irritation caused by aggressive surfactants.

Now, let’s talk product. Designed to condition and protect hair, this line delivers you the tools you need to turn out fantastic, healthy hair for your clients AND right now you save 20%!

 milk_shake decologic

BLUE LIGHTENING POWDER [conditioning blue lightening powder 2.2lb]

With its versatile, dust-free formula, you get up to 6 levels of lift leaving behind brassiness or golden tones. Not only is it easy to blend, there’s no running, no expanding and no drying out.

LIGHTENING POWDER [conditioning lightening powder 1.1lb]

Comprised of the same versatile, dust-free formula with up to 6 levels of lift, it delivers an extra dose of care leaving your client’s hair soft, manageable and shiny.

LEVEL 9 [extra-high-lift powder]

With up to 9 levels of lift, this intense powder is suitable for all lightening techniques and counteracts residual warm tones with no running or expanding.

CLAY BALAYAGE LIGHTENER [freehand clay lightener 0.9lb]

Creating a barrier, with a lift up to 4 levels, your client’s hair is protected for precise results. Ideal for partial lightening, it adheres perfectly.

TOTAL ROOTS LIGHTENER TONE CONTROLLER [gentle lightening cream for roots, lengths and ends]

Ammonia-free, this lightening cream lifts gently up to 5-6 levels and can also be used on your client’s hair regrowth.

TONE CONTROLLER [toning gel]

This light and efficient toner offers perfect control after lightening your client’s hair. Bonus: It works on levels 9 and 10.

decologic TRY ME KIT
3  silver shine shampoo 10.1 oz
3  silver shine light shampoo 10.1 oz
3  silver shine whipped cream 6.8 oz

1  decologic lightening powder 2.8 oz
1  decologic blue lightening powder 2.8 oz
1  decologic level 9 2.8 oz
1  decologic clay balayage lightener 2.8 oz
1  decologic total roots lightener 1.7 oz
2  oxidizing emulsion 33.8 oz
1  decologic technical book

5 Reasons You Should Always Measure Color

PSC 5 Reasons you should always measure color

If you’ve been a stylist for more than a minute, you’ve had one of those busy days, with multiple color clients, processing at different times and possibly running late. The temptation [the struggle is real] to just “eye ball” color measure, usually because you have done it a thousand times. The reality is, measuring is crucial to on-point results. To boost your hair measure motivation, BRIAN GRIEVE, Director of Education z.one concept North America, shares 5 REASONS YOU SHOULD ALWAYS MEASURE COLOR.

  1. ITCHING SCALP The loathed itchy scalp. It’s one of the more irritating outcomes of failing to measure color accurately. CLASS IS IN SESSION: This occurs mainly when the use of scales has been overlooked, potentially causing your client’s hair color to become more aggressive. Innovative and advanced color formulations require precise measuring. Measuring = no itchy scalps!
  2. COLOR FADE Say it ain’t so! As a seasoned hair stylist, at some point, you have seen the look of color fade disappointment on a client’s face. CLASS IS IN SESSION: When there is an imbalance of the color and emulsion/developer mix ratio, fade happens. With the hair cuticle more exposed, color fades faster. This could happen with any color choice [reds, coppers & gray cover being most vulnerable], but you can nip color fade like a boss.
  3. COLOR RESULTS Another color casualty. On many occasions, the color is dull, lacking in consistent shine and often a translucent gray cover is the outcome. This often leads to your client raising dreaded color questions like, “Was that the same color you used?” CLASS IS IN SESSION: Color correctly measured delivers a consistent experience to your client, with much more vibrancy and intense shine reflect. Ultimately, it’s a win-win.
  4. CONSISTENCY Think hair history. How many times have you checked a client’s color history to remind you of a formula? Most of the time, right? The key to consistent color is consistent precision. CLASS IS IN SESSION: Failure to measure that same formula, each time, makes the art of recreating the beautiful color for your client next to impossible. No more, “My color was so vibrant and shiny last time… is there something wrong?” You got this!
  5. SAVING MONEY It’s all about the money, money, money… Not completely, but it is a well-known fact that a big drain on profits for any stylist or salon is the amount of color washed down the sink! CLASS IS IN SESSION: By consistently practicing the use of a scale, the ability to measure smaller amounts of accurate color and emulsion/developer increases will help prevent the wasting and washing away color. Did you hear that? A scale that saves you money and won’t make you cry [well, maybe happy tears].

We all know embracing change can be challenging. But, often the smallest of changes bring the biggest benefits. Measuring is definitely one of those, resulting in greater hair for your clients and even better business for you!


12 creative Permanent color 3.4 oz

FREE 1 milk_shake color scale