Reuzel’s New Extreme Hold Matte Pomade

Extreme hold matte pomade

Reuzel’s new Extreme Hold Matte Pomade will stand up to anything; allowing you to reshape and rework it throughout the day. Create dry, messy-textured looks for your clients, or add volume with extreme fullness and definition. This water-based formula washes out easily and won’t leave build up behind. This super-powered pomade is the strongest yet, giving you everything you need to give your clients the strongest hold and a matte finish.

True to their hair roots, Reuzel has specially formulated this power pomade for gentlemen everywhere… the Rocker, Biker, Deviant, Sophisticated and other fine gentlemen from every echelon of society. So, gentlemen, here’s the lowdown, breakdown and markdown!


For your clients with the unruliest of hair, Reuzel Extreme Hold Matte Pomade has a hold factor of 11. YES. We said 11! That’s 1 entire level of holding power more than 10. And, you thought 10 was perfect.


Reuzel Extreme Hold Matte Pomade not only delivers their strongest hold, it leaves a stellar matte finish. This pomade can handle any kind of hair you throw at it, allowing you to reshape your client’s hair and [BONUS] they can rework it throughout the day. Whether you want to create dry, messy-textured looks or add volume with extreme fullness and definition, your clients will rock their locks with holding power of the hair gods. Not to mention this water-based formula washes out easily and won’t leave build up behind. Score! 

THE MARKDOWN [purchases + freebies = save 27%] 4x Extreme Hold Matte Piglets 13oz./35g
6x Extreme Hold Matte Pigs 4oz/13g

1x Extreme Amplified Tray
1x Extreme Hold Matte Hog 12oz/340g

Reuzel – Project X

Reuzel Project X

Those crazy guys at Schorem Haarsnijder En Barbier always have something up their sleeve! Project X is definitely a favorite for us! What a great idea of bringing in so many talented artists to one place and their creativity flow! Here’s what it’s all about in their own words…


Project X is about hair, education and friendship… 12 people from around the world that share their passion for a craft… 12 people that needed only 5 days to become friends for life… All this captured on film and soon for sale to raise money for the less fortunate…

It took blood, sweat and tears but we are more then proud to tell you cats ‘n’ kittens that PROJECT X is almost done and ready to order… 11 haircuts by some of the world’s most renowned barbers available in seven languages.

For us Project X was a way to bring together a group of mind like people from around the world to make an educational “DVD” that we want to sell to raise money to send less fortunate kids to school to give them a chance to fall in love with our trade just like we did…

We’ve met SO many amazing and skilled barbers around the world and the idea of just “throwing them in a room together with a bunch of models and see what happens” got bigger and bigger and MAN… That week became the best week of Leen and myself’s life, not only because of the amazing haircuts but it’ was magic to see how fast friendships for life were forged, after a week 10 tough guys and one particular tough lady had to shed tears just because it was over…

All the Project X content will be ready for download real, real soon, we’ll keep you posted, check our social media the next couple of days to se the teasers of all the artists participating (I’ll post one every day in alphabetical order).

They’ve already post quite a lot of the haircut teasers on their Schorem Facebook Page. Be sure to check it out!

Reuzel’s Fiber Gel

Reuzel Fiber Gel

New Product from Reuzel: Fiber Gel

Fiber Gel

The Low Down
Fiber Gel is an alcohol-free, non flacking gel with a firm pliable hold and low shine.

The Breakdown
Fiber Gel offers firm holding power all day, while adding thickness, fullness, and texture to the hair. The alcohol-free formula keeps the hair from feeling crunchy or sticky while still maintaining the characteristics that appeal to the avid gel user.

The Get Down
Begin with a dime sized amount of Fiber Gel and apply to towel dried hair. Add more Fiber Gel as needed for longer, thicker hair. Comb through and allow to dry naturally or blow-dry into hair after application for added volume and lift.

Scumbassador Tip
Apply to dry, styled hair and rake fingers through to change the look from sleek and polished to slightly disheveled and more casual, all while still being able to brush through the hair with ease.

Does it have a matte or shine finish? Matte if blowdried or combed through; shiny if left alone.

Is it water-based? Yes.

What scent did you guys go with? Clean, masculine, and sexy…like us. 😉

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Reuzel is the Answer You’re Looking For

PSC Reuzel The Hog
If you haven’t tried Reuzel, now is the time to get on board with one of the best men’s product on the market!

“But we cater mostly to female clients.” You don’t need much space or marketing dollars to broaden your clientele base!

  • Start with an honest evaluation of your salon.
  • Create shop windows, retail displays, and reception areas with servicing male clients in mind.
  • Create an atmosphere where men will feel comfortable and add specific men’s services to your menu (i.e. weekly touch-ups).
  • For every great female experience you offer, create a male equivalent. Engage the staff, and make it a fun exercise!





PSC_Reuzel pomade

Get started with Reuzel’s THE HOG (40% Savings!)**:

Shop Purchases:
(4x) Red pigs (4oz)
(4x) Blue Pigs (4oz)
(4x) Green Pigs (4oz)
(4x) Pink Pigs (4oz)
(4x) Fiber Pigs (4oz)
(4x) Clay Matte Pigs (4oz)
(4x) Daily Shampoo, Scrub Shampoo, and Daily Conditioner (350ml)
(4x) Grooming Tonics and Hair Tonics (350ml)
(4x) Beard Balm (1.3oz)
(4x) Beard Foam (2.36oz)
(4x) After shave (3.38oz)

Receive Complimentary:
(1x) Barber Pole Display
(1x) Back Bar Liter Daily Shampoo w/ Pump
(1x) Back Bar Liter Scrub Shampoo
(1x) Back Bar Liter Daily Conditioner w/ Pump
(1x) Scherme IO Signature Haircuts DVD
(1x) Barbershop Classics & 1 Signature Haircuts Poster
(1x) Window Sticker
(1x) Stache Tray
(1x) FREE Scumclass Voucher ($75 Value)

Call your Salon Consultant about this post and they will help you get started!

*Reuzel’s Business of Men
**While supplies last

Reuzel: Latest Promotions

Reuzel Summer Road trip
Travel Companion

There is nothing quite like the feeling of loading up the car, rolling down the windows, and heading out on a summer road trip…anywhere. Whether you’re an avid camper, hiker, or glamping is more your style, you don’t want to be bogged down with a lot to carry around.

Travel sizes are fairly popular with a lot of brands and Reuzel is one of them. They have added a travel companion (4 oz.) for your summer road trip!

For the months of May and June you can get a complimentary travel companion to go with your purchase.

Shave Creme

Reuzel Shave Cream

Reuzel has also come out with a new product that has been requested by so many. Their shave cream is a rich and super slick formula, for a nick-free and smooth skin feel. It comes in two sizes: 10 oz and 3.34 oz.

Shave Duo

Father's day Duo

Just in time for Father’s Day, Reuzel has created a shave duo consisting of their new shave cream and a bottle of aftershave. Be sure to stock up on this duo – this will fly off the your shelves!