2016 Long Hair Trends

2016 Long Hair Trend

We ask the questions that every girl with long hair wants to know. milk_shake stylist, Shelley Pengilly, knows to the quickest way to make a new spring style statement.

What are your long hair trend predictions for 2016?

Long and undone 70’s chic will be a popular hair style this year, as the shorter styles of 2015 begin to phase out. We will start loving longer length hair again. Forget the high maintenance TOWIE look. It’s gone for good and just looks dated. Easy, healthy-looking, effortless beauty is where it’s at.

What do you think are the best color options for long hair right now?

Ecaille Blending will be the color trend that replaces the ombre and balayage methods of 2015. The Ecaille, or “tortoise shell” technique, takes three or more sympathetic shades and works them through the hair to create movement and a more subtle color result. Bonus: if you have thin hair, this style can add dimension and give the appearance of more volume!

Overall, I predict a movement towards more natural color. There will be less and less of the harsh platinum trend that was made popular by Kim Kardashian, Perrie Edwards and The Haute Pursuit founder Vanessa Hong.

Share your celebrity inspiration – which celebrity styles do you love at the moment?

May not be long, but I just love the way Jennifer Lawrence has amped up her bob with a blunter cut in an ice blonde shade. This is making her look less girl-next-door and more screen siren. This blunt bob has proved to be a popular style recently and flatters most face shapes.

What’s your hair hero product for long hair from the milk_shake range?

Over winter, I started using milk_shake incredible milk.  With the 12 transformative effects, Incredible truly improves the manageability and overall condition of long hair effortlessly.

As temperatures drop it helps to up the intensity of your treatments and this leave-in conditioner is just perfect for girls on the go!

One piece of advice for someone who is bored with their long hair right now?

If you find you are throwing all that fabulous hair into a pony tail, and not sure quite what to do with it, ask your stylist to layer it up! Taking away some of that weight could give you a new lease of life without the commitment of a drastic change. Alternatively, a fringe is a great way to change your overall look with plenty of options to choose from! Finally mastering those braids is also a great way to add to your repertoire of looks. With a head full of hair the possibilities are truly endless.

The Significance of Take Home

Significance of Take Home

Steve Cowan: Much of what the salon is able to do, from the employee benefit standpoint…from the training standpoint…from the décor standpoint, is all made possible through the profits in take home products.

We’ve seen in salons upwards of 70% of their profit, before income tax, coming from take home hair care sales. The take home portion is a key part of the business. This goes without saying, and remains a bit of a mystery. How do we raise take home hair care to the next level?

Over the years, salons that became successful with take home started saying, “OK, if I could sell this brand, I can sell brand #2, brand #3, brand #4, and brand #5.

Salon Owners say, “Every time I take on a brand, I think I am going to be appealing to a larger percentage of what the industry calls the un-buyer.”

New brands can keep the staff excited. By keeping the staff excited, owners keep them involved and connected. What we found was that salons added too many brands. What we see happen is the stylists segment themselves. If you have 10 stylists in the salon and you’ve got several lines, I can promise you, there are segments.

If you go through and do a survey of what your staff is using, and what they’ve recommending, you find stylists 1 and 2 will recommend one line, maybe 3 and 4 will recommend another and so on.

Terri Cowan: That usually equates to lack of confidence. We can expect from time to time to hear a stylist say they are not familiar with a certain line in the salon. How can you have an employee permitted to be on staff and not take responsibility for becoming an expert to a line in your salon for any length of time?

That’s a management problem. That’s a staffing problem. That’s a training problem. Because that is a commitment to say I will not be talking about this with my guests.

Steve: It’s almost a white noise problem. What I mean by that is there is so much information coming at the hairdressers, especially in carrying a very wide range of lines, that this is a kind of white noise.

They hear it. And they don’t hear it. Therefore, when they don’t hear it, they don’t know it. As a result, they’re not confident to talk it up with their guests.

Product knowledge is what builds the take home and profit magic.

Mask with Vibrachrom

Mask With Vibrachrom

Davines is bursting to unveil their new revolution in the world of color…MASK WITH VIBRACHROM.  This not just a color, but a brand new system that will change the traditional view of color.

Davines is combining 30 years of strict business philosophies and innovation into the 85 shade color proposals with custom graphics for every nuance.


The protein extract of Quinoa is able to increase the absorption of color and allows it to be retained for longer periods of time. It consists of cationic amino acids and anionic that are very similar to the structure of the hair. It binds the pigments firmly to the hair and then the anionic forms a dual protection, from the inside out.


Davines uses Omega 9 as a conditioning agent. It’s rich in a fatty acid so it nourishes and smoothes. It’s the undisputed star of the Mask With Vibrachrom. This conditioning agent creates a lipid film on the PIU, increasing the internal refraction of the hair, resulting in a shine without limits.


Phospholipid carriers created in the textile industry is used which allows the high penetration of the pigment into the hair. It breaks down the surface tension, distributing the pigment evenly. What it does for grey hair, fragile, or difficult to color hair!

Bottom line: the incredible durability, feeling of softness, and the brilliance that you see are just some of the amazing features you will find. Davines has made its mission to bring the absolute best out in the color world and that mission sits complete with Mask with Vibrochrom.

Davines is proud and excited to present MASK with VIBROCHROM. It’s been a long time coming and the greatness of this product and Davines splash announcement echoes through the world of hair color. Trumpeting loudly that there is a new height to attain…a new norm to aspire too and greatness can only come by way of integrity and sacrifice

It’s My Party

It's my party

It’s My Party and you can cry if you want to, but Paul Mitchell is making it fabulously easy to rock those Big Night Out events and all the Party style you could ever need. The It’s My Party Collection has you covered for every possible style and mood.

Set the stage with these Dynamic Duos!

HIGH DRAMA Limited Editions Duo comes with Hot Off the Press and Super Skinny Serum. Sometimes your style is going to have to take some heat and HIGH DRAMA will keep you protected from all the thermal damage you can dish out. Set the night ablaze with NO FEAR! 

UP FOR ANYTHING Limited Edition Style Duo has Extra Body Daily Boost and Extra Body Sculpting foam. Having a little extra body on hand is exactly what you need when your night is full of frenzied fun. Up for Anything is a statement you make with your whole person and your look enters the room first…so say it loud and say it proud, tonight you are UP FOR ANYTHING.

DOWN TO PARTY is Super Skinny Serum and Hot off the press (In reverse size from the HIGH DRAMA) because while you want the thermal protection you are going to need some skill to go super smooth when you TURN DOWN FOR WHAT??? DOWN TO PARTY! You will be set for fast style times and controlled frizz in ALL weather. 

AMP IT UP comes with Sculpting Foam and Extra-Body Finishing Spray. It is possible to just be as beautiful as you are and want to just amp things up a bit. Your texture will have a perfect style/condition combo and enhanced manageability. 

IT’S MY PARTY EXPRESS ION SMOOTH is a limited edition smoothing iron. This smoothing iron has a unique artistic pattern and will smooth and polish strands of hair quickly and gently for healthy looking results with incredible shine.

IT’S MY PARTY EXPRESS ION STYLEWAND ROUND is the limited edition thermal round brush that gives volume, smoothing, flips, curls, and waves. You’ll get a soft-touch handle for comfort and control and premium heaters for even heat distribution all with Anti-static cool-tip nylon bristles.

Each Dynamic Duo comes with a geometric hair pin!

Each Limited Edition Style Tool comes with a gold headband!

It’s My Party! Bring the party wherever you go with the It’s My Party collection! Paul Mitchell’s limited edition tools and stylers include everything you need to create your perfect party look. In town, out of town, home, or abroad you can count on this line to make you shine!

Don’t forget to show us your finished style on social media with #OwnYourPM.

milk_shake Smoothies Revolution

smoothie revolution

Discover the hair color with the unforgettable fragrance, a sensory experience of pure pleasure and well being, nothing less than what there is in milk_shake smoothies.

This conditioning semi-permanent color from z.one concept is tone on tone conditioning and ammonia free to bring out the brilliance and vitality to our guest’s hair.

Smoothies are a conditioning cream; 41 mixable, well balanced, and brilliant nuances that help the stylist accomplish so much.

  • Shine light on a natural base.
  • Produce intense, bright and natural color contrasts.
  • Offer grey coverage.
  • Give tone or shade to discolored or blond hair.
  • Strike a balance of light and color contrasts.
  • Serve as a venue to color for men.
  • Provide a great option for guests who desire an easy-to maintain color.

Fruit, milk, honey and cocoa extracts are the secret ingredients. These are at the heart of each tonal series of colored creams, with unforgettable fragrances: blueberry, cocoa, strawberry, papaya, honey, milk.

Each of the smoothies is a soft and semi-permanent color which produces vibrant colors and incredible shine, excellent for bringing tones or shades to colored and dis-colored hair or to light contrasts.

Ideal for grey coverage with bright, lasting and very natural masking. z.one concept created Smoothies to unleash the most beautiful hair ever and, for salons, to win over an even bigger following.

To achieve the maximum conditioning and expression of color, milk_shake took advantage of the mix of ingredients that promote the beauty and well being of the hair. Milk proteins have a supplementary and conditioning effect on hair structure. These increase the volume and elasticity as damaged hair is repaired and restructured.

Organic honey acts as a conditioner and emollient. This brings out the shine. Honey is protective, regenerates, enriched in vitamins, with antioxidant and elasticizing properties. Integrity 41 is a complex antioxidant to boost the life of the color. The complex protects and repairs natural and colored hair against UV radiation and harsh shampoos.

Organic sunflower oil helps to protect and regenerate hair. A rich presence of vitamin A, C and E aids the hydration and nourishment of each hair fiber. We see the result in the soft and silky hair. Amino acid complex is yet another building block, making hair more elastic, easy to comb and style. This complex protects against damage due to aging, prevents breakage, reduces frizz, with more brightness.

Extracts of papaya, strawberry, blueberry and cocoa are vitamin, emollient and antioxidant agents. These act too with anti-inflammatory, revitalizing and soothing effects.

Recommendation: Begin with a technical diagnosis to determine the hair’s natural level, percentage of white hair, typology of hair, desired result.