Paul Mitchell’s The Demi

Introducing The Demi

Paul Mitchell is at it again with a new take on Professional Hair Color. The Demi, is the perfect fusion of shine and coverage. That means, Paul Mitchell was able to join together what no color can tear apart. When was the last time your choice in coloring product promised to do the two things that color treated hair lack? Hair that is Shiny and Conditioned AND colored??? YES! Enter Stage Right…. THE DEMI!

Fusing or fusion is actually kind of miraculous. It’s the ability to join together two separate entities that would otherwise not mix together. Like: Shiny and Conditioned color treated hair. When Stylists have to think of words like stripping, or coverage, or replacing what was taken out, it makes product choice all that more important.


As a stylist you have a little set of tricks up your sleeve that is passed to your clients. You make sure they follow a regimen of sorts to replace the moisture and to condition, add this for the shine. What if you could just color without worry? The Demi is your bright and shiny new color product from Paul Mitchell.

  • Exceptional Shine The Demi conditions hair while it colors, providing incredibly rich results with exceptional shine.
  • Gentle Conditioning Formula Deposit-only, no-ammonia color is exceedingly gentle and offers outstanding condition.
  • Perfect Gel Consistency Liquid color mixes to a perfect gel consistency that’s ideal for both bottle and brush application. Long-Lasting Rich, vibrant color lasts 4 to 6 weeks. 27 Intermixable Shades Including Clear for unlimited customization and more varied shade options with depth and/or translucency.

Paul Mitchell knows that you might want to take The Demi out on a little spin – just to see what it can do and because they are so confident in the product and it’s results, they offer some incredible in salon offers! The Demi will allow you to take colors in 27 different directions. After you LOVE IT, like we know you will, you can order your own kit! Call your Salon Consultant today – (815)744-3384.

Paul Mitchell is offering savings on The Demi offers, take advantage of it, and step into the sexy way to color.

milk_shake Open Air Hairspray

milk_shake Open Air Hairspray-3 concept and milk_shake work together so well that they have once again expanded their styling family! Let’s welcome this new addition to the FAMILY! milk_shake’s Open Air Hairspray is here – EXTRA STRONG hair spray.

Open Air Hairspray conveys a medium and natural support to the hair. It fastens and maintains a long-lasting styling and makes the hair bright, thick and thriving. Filmogen and fixative polymer enables the duration of any hairstyle with a memory effect, conveying flexible hold and solar filters increase protection from solar rays.

This extra strong Open Air Hairspray has a NEW and IMPROVED formula with a great new fragrance. milk_shake hair products are a huge hit all over the world because of their natural and dedicated approach to hair care, in the full meaning of the term.

With every addition to the milk_shake product line you can be certain that there is not just company buzz and excitement happening…the style world is always on top of the buzz as well. The products are developed to fill a styling need that is crying out for help. The anticipation for the product is so exciting that ANNOUNCING each new addition is just as special as announcing the arrival of every bundle of joy! concept and milk_shake take pride in announcing new products to clients. You will love the product and love showing it off to your clients. There are so many details about milk_shake’s lifestyling Open Air Extra Strong Hairspray and the sexy stylish look of the Open Air products. You will want this in repertoire as you bring hair to life with your incredible style abilities. milk_shake is dedicated to complimenting your skill set with a product line that works.

As the stylist, your artistry is always on display, and you and your clients need products that inspire greatness. Great hair…great technique…great quality…great creations and recreations.

Simple, natural greatness…it seems to be an easy choice, but in the styling world, so many products are vying for your attention and time. Products that make claims they can’t keep, promises that are unrealistic…don’t fall into the traps set by some of those style giants. Find the tried and true and then share it within your profession as well as with your clients. milk_shake is not some style secret that can’t be shared.

milk _hake hair products are inspired by nature. Their philosophy is simple: use the power and the beauty of nature to achieve amazing looking hair for all occasions. And milk_shake’s lifestyling Open Air Hairspray is just the kind of refreshment you and your clients have been looking for…so ENJOY!


Paul Mitchell’s Live Hair Gallery

Live Hair Gallery

Live Hair Gallery – Meet the Brands
September 26, 2016 | 10am – 1pm
Wildey Theater, 252 N. Main Street,
Edwardsville, IL 62025

On September 26th, Paul Mitchell will be highlighting their brands in one location to remind us to Live Beautifully. This will be a Live Hair Gallery which has a Meet the Brands feel to it.

Like all great parties there will be some reminiscing about how just over 35 years ago two friends got together and started an inspirational company devoted to supporting the success of hair dressers, provide affordable, but luxurious hair care options. Hair artistry needed to be recognized as an amazing art and talent that provided a real livelihood, in order to help hair artistry reach its fullest potential, thus Paul Mitchell was created!

You are invited to the Paul Mitchell Live Hair Gallery to enjoy yourselves as you discover and rediscover the unique qualities behind each Paul Mitchell brand and how they can support you and your salon to help build a better future. You’ll be sipping on wine and enjoying appetizers as you journey through the live models showcasing the best looks from each of the Paul Mitchell brand.

Paul Mitchell reminds you that they are the #1 Salon Brand among consumers. They have over 150 Professional and Take Home products. They have never nor will Paul Mitchell ever take part in testing its products on Animals.

So SAVE THE DATE! Monday, September 26th 10am-1pm. It’s a Complimentary Party of Paul Mitchell Live. Advanced registration is required. Call 815-744-3384.

Davines This Is A Forming Pomade

PSC_ This is a Forming Pomade

Adaptable: able to change or be changed in order to fit or work better in some situation or for some purpose -Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Davines Invisible Pomade is exactly that – adaptable. It’s designed for textured and reworkable looks. Play with it…restyle it. We all know that our hair can have a mind of it’s own. With Davines This Is A Forming Pomade we can work with that hair attitude!

Sometimes…you just need some things to work for you without a detailed play by play and that is what Davines was thinking when they created the This Is A Forming Pomade. It is the go-to hair product, that works with your hair, not against it.

This is a Forming Pomade by Davines

Let’s take a little tour on how this whole thing works:

This Is A Forming Pomade is perfect for short to medium hair. Its lightweight formula allows you to style and restyle hair without that sticky feeling or greasy effect. It’s meant to get the job done and move on to conquer your day (and look amazing while you’re at it!).

Have we mentioned the anti-flaking factor? This formula has been carefully calibrated to minimize the content of resins in order to reduce flaking but without losing the effectiveness of the product. An amazing all day look with no flaking? Oh yeah!

The how to instructions are simple. As a styling product you just distribute the Pomade on your hands and apply to damp hair; you can also add some movement to the style when blow drying. When you chose to use as a finishing product then just distribute the Pomade on the hands and apply to dry hair to create shapes and movements.

However you chose to apply it, you will find a win-win with this product and a lasting effect that is all about your hair’s personal look!

milk_shake’s Silver Shine Whipped Cream

PSC_ milk_shake Silver Shine Whipped Cream

milk_shake is introducing Silver Shine Whipped Cream
for blond and grey hair. It removes unwanted yellow tones
and leaves your hair soft and shiny!

There are definitely times to splurge and times to cut back. Less is not always more and more is not always best. How many times have you been out and about and stopped for something refreshing and the question is posed, “With or without Whip?” It’s a legitimate question because the answer changes daily for most people…most of the time because it depends on mood or because it depends on what you can or cannot afford to splurge on at any given time

When we are talking hair, let’s decided that we want to go with Whip, it does enhance right? milk_shake has created a Silver Shine Whipped Cream; you will simply fall in love with for a number of reasons.

milk_shake silver shine

For the blonde and grey hair color, milk_shake is offering the Silver Shine Whipped Cream as an innovative answer to riding hair of those off yellow tones. All hair types have their own unique needs and milk_shake is making it part of their mission to address these needs. This is hair product is tailored to specifics, not just generalities.

Milk does do a body good and milk_shake does hair good! Silver Shine Whipped Cream contains milk proteins to condition and restructure hair, leaving it soft, supple and manageable while preserving and maintaining hair color.

You’ll get EVERYTHING YOUR HAIR NEEDS because milk_shake has made this formula with protein. Your hair will spend the day being fed with the protein it needs to be stronger – all you have to do is choose to use milk_shake Sliver Shine Whipped Cream.

This is must-have product from milk_shake has a wide range of unique qualities. Whipped Cream is perfect as a detangler that leaves your hair moisturized, smooth and deliciously silky. And what would something so AMAZING be without a divine, heavenly scent? The smell of milk_shake Silver Shine Whipped Cream will truly follow you all day. It’s another reason why this product is loved – its unique vanilla fragrance as well as its conditioning properties. Scent is one of the most powerful selling points when it comes to consumer choice. When something smells good clients tend to believe in the product good. The amazing thing about milk_shake is that they don’t just make a product and settle for scent as the selling point, they combine high quality and character then pair it WITH divine scents…so you are not just getting a product that have passed some random focus group scent test.

milk_shake stands on the integrity of high quality products that smell GREAT.