Illinois Cosmetology License Renewal

Salon Owners and Hairstylists…have you heard the latest on Illinois’s renewal of cosmetology licenses? Make sure you know and please share this information.

Be sure to get your Continuing Education hours! This is the latest on Illinois’ Cosmetology License Renewal:

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Illinois Cosmetology License Renewal

Check out what upcoming classes we’re offering in our Education Theater. So many to choose from!

2017 Silver Shine Hair Contest

Silver Shine Contest

Everyone loves a dramatic transformation and, even more, the jaw-dropping before and after shots. concept knows that some of the best hair makeovers happen in your salons! Hair magicians everywhere are invited to enter the milk_shake SILVER SHINE Before & After Contest.

It’s your time to shine! And, it’s really simple.

As soon as your client walks in, take a picture of their pre-SILVER SHINE hair. After you’ve worked your SILVER SHINE magic, take another picture. Then, post your most intense before and after pictures on Facebook or Instagram using #milkshakesilvershine and tag @milkshakeusa, for a chance to win a milkshake Lightening & Toning kit.

The contest ends on 6/28/17 so you have six weeks to rock your chairs! All winners will be announced on Facebook on 6/29/17. Remember, only work using milk_shake SILVER SHINE will be considered and the submitted pictures must be your original work.

So, you’re totally pumped to enter this contest but you need a supply of SILVER SHINE products? Give us a call: (815) 744-3384

SILVER SHINE Shampoo keeps blonde locks healthy and vibrant. Specifically designed for blonde or grey hair, this shampoo is a delicate cleanser containing a violet pigment capable of counteracting yellow tones in natural or lightened blonde hair, or grey or white hair.

SILVER SHINE Whipped Cream is a must-have beauty secret for blonde hair. Formulated to gently neutralize yellow tones in natural blonde, lightened blonde, grey or white hair while delicately conditioning. Enriched with organic mixed berry extracts and milk proteins, both Silver Shine Shampoo and Whipped Cream leave hair looking brighter, shinier, softer and healthier.

* concept USA is the exclusive representative of milk_shake and NO INHIBITON brands in North America. These product lines are part of the concept family; a young, innovative and dynamic Italian brand offering professional hair and beauty products worldwide. From shampoos and conditioners to color and lightener, these product lines offer a solution for every scalp and hair need to make great hair easy to achieve.

SUN & MORE = Something fabulous under the sun

Sun protection isn’t just for skin; your client’s hair needs protection from the sun, too! concept has come to the rescue with milk_shake SUN & MORE. This cape-wearing, follicle-protecting product line gives you the ultimate essentials to serve your client a big slice of summer beauty complete with UV protection, hydration and nourishment.

What happens when your client’s hair is unprotected by the sun? During summer, pollution, wind, chemicals, hairdryers and brushing can all potentially damage the hair, as well as the sun, salt and chlorine, creating damage in 4 ways:

1. Alteration of proteins: The breaking-down and localized loss and deterioration of keratin, and the increase of distance between cuticles, both increase the porosity and decrease smoothness and shine of the hair. Hair becomes rough, frizzy and matt, and tends to knot easily, as well as forming split ends.

2. Deterioration of pigments: Melanin protects the hair from free radicals from the sun, but an excess of exposure causes photodegradation, lightening, and fading of hair color, whether it be natural or cosmetic.

3. Reduction of water content: Hair that is exposed to the sun has less water content and can absorb less water from the environment, leaving hair dry and fragile.

4. Lipid oxidation: Oxidative stress on the lipids weakens the hair shaft and the hair’s flexibility. Hair appears fragile, hard and dry, and difficult to manage.

THE GOOD NEWS IS ALL OF THIS CAN BE AVOIDED. With SUN & MORE, hair damage can be prevented and hair can be protected from the sun. And that means happy hair all summer long!

PSC_2017 Sun & More

For all of your clients who enjoy being poolside, oceanside or just want to live as close as they can to the sun, you can introduce SUN & MORE and whip those locks into perfection. From restorative shampoo to miracle hair masks, this superhero product line has you and your client’s hair covered.

all over shampoo | hair & body moisturizing shampoo

A ‘two-in-one’ cleansing and soothing formula for hair and body, ideal after swimming in the sea or pool, or year-round to leave skin soft and protect hair from the lightening and dehydrating effects of the sun. Ideal for dynamic, practical people.

beauty mask | intensive nourishing hair mask

Intensive nourishing and conditioning mask for hair to be used after shampooing to soothe the damaging effects of the sun, salt, wind and chlorine. Its deep action, created through the synergy of conditioning ingredients with natural extracts, leaves hair soft, radiant and manageable.

incredible milk | leave in treatment for all hair types

A spray mask with 12 cosmetic benefits in a ‘sun edition’, with UV filters, to give all the necessary elements to protect hair during the summer:

1. Repairs all hair types
2. Tames frizz
3. Prevents split ends
4. Protects from heat
5. Gives manageability
6. Detangles
7. Gives incredible shine
8. Gives body and volume
9. Enhances use of flat or curling irons
10. Protects and maintains colour
11. Protects from UV rays
12. Smoothens the cuticle.

It’s like the 12 days of Christmas!

Designed to protect and serve hair, SUN & MORE contains high quality ingredients like muru muru butter, quinoa proteins, milk proteins, vitamin E, UV filters, and fruit extract. Your clients walk away with hair feeling natural and looking better than ever. Now, that’s a huge win-win so grab your kit today!

sun & more TRY ME KIT

sun & more all over shampoo 8.4oz
sun & more beauty mask 6.8oz
sun & more incredible milk 5.1oz
trio box

Limited quantities. While supplies last.


8 sun & more all over shampoo 8.4oz
8 sun & more beauty mask 6.8oz
8 sun & more incredible milk 5.1oz
kit of 8 fashion accessories + floor display

Purchase SUN & MORE retail kit = one fashion accessory [exclusive 2017 SUN & MORE collection]


Color Craft to Perfection

Color Craft Perfection

Paul Mitchell is taking the hair color experience to a whole new level with Color Craft! It’s a multi-functioning, customizable color conditioning system made for you and your clients.

This super system allows you to create an unlimited number of unique formulas for in-salon services, and then prescribe a matching tonal treatment for Take Home.

Too good to be true? Nope, it’s the real deal.

Check out what color expert, Jenn Montaya of Salon Elite, has to say about how Color Craft has changed her salon.

I love Paul Mitchell Color Craft because it offers me a dual opportunity in the salon—I can provide a customizable color treatment at the Wash House, and I can prescribe a specific color for my guest to take home. Color Craft preserves color and protects hair in one treatment! It’s a must-have for any stylist and their color guest.

Now, let’s talk about how Color Craft works for you and what it does for your client’s hair.

If your client shows up in desperate need of a color treatment, you can take care of anything from color enhancement to color/tone correction to a revitalizing conditioning.

With Color Craft, you can enhance tresses after permanent, demi- and semi-permanent hair color. Correcting color or tone is easier than ever as this power-packed system is designed to repigment hair and balance warm or cool tones. Condition any hair type with a customized color treatment to help revitalize color.

Once you have blown your client away using one of Color Craft’s countless color options, you can suggest a matching tonal treatment to take home. Their personally prescribed hair color treatment will add beautiful shine and maintain their rich color between salon visits.

Okay, you’re sold on how amazing Color Craft is… so, what can you purchase today?

Color Craft 8 shades


What it does: Intensifies, enhances or extends the life and vibrancy of color services.

How it works: Contains direct dyes that are suspended in a positively charged base, ensuring even distribution of the color molecules and maximum adherence to the hair.

BONUS: May be used for easy color corrections.


What it does: Mixes with Liquid Color Concentrates to deliver customized tones and beautiful shine.

How it works: Rich treatment delivers customized color while providing conditioning results for guests in the salon and at home.

BONUS: Liquid Color Concentrates mixed with the Custom Color Treatment create a stable product with a shelf life of up to two years.


Stock Up to Receive Free Take HomeSM, Color BarSM and Merchandising Support


One of Every Shade, Plus Free Color Bar support


Try Crafting With 3 Different Shades, Plus Receive 6 Free Custom Color Treatments

Moneymaking Blondes

moneymaking blondes

Spring has sprung which means hair color trends are transitioning. Deep, rich tones are moving toward brighter, more iridescent shades of blondes. concept offers stylists a range of products to lighten locks while maintaining the hair’s natural luster and health.

With so many options, how do you choose which products to use? concept’s Color Ambassador, Tammy Cox, has created a guide of their lightening products and their uses to ensure great results for you and your salon guests.

LIGH[10] Blue

This tonalizing lightening powder is fortified with silk proteins to help protect strands during the lightening service. Perfect choice for lightening hair 6-7 levels or working over color-treated strands. This product is great to use with techniques requiring foils or plastics as well as free-form and balayage techniques. For hand painted techniques, simply dial back the amount of oxidizing emulsion used to create a thicker viscosity.

Pro-tip: Allow this product to process at room temperature for maximum condition and even lift. Lightening hair is a delicate process-for best results and greatest integrity, slower is better. Use Safe Lightening Complex in your mixture to ensure existing bonds remain healthy and connected.


An ammonia-free, bleach-free lightening oil. This is the ultimate “set it and forget it” lightening product. Formulated with protective and conditioning oils, Illuminate will give a natural lightness to strands; similar to the beautiful way the sun lightens color. Illuminate can lighten hair up to four levels, depending on which oxidizing emulsion is used.

Pro-tip: This product is an amazing way to bring soft brilliance to blondes, brunettes, and redheads (natural or color-treated) and to highlight hair that may be too comprised for lightener. Illuminate has it’s own set of toners which are added directly into the mixture to lift and tone in one step. The more toner you add, the more tonal deposit you will achieve.


Perfect fit for natural-looking blonde shades. Designed specifically to lighten natural hair up to four levels. These shades work great as an all-over color, or as a shimmery accent to deeper blonde tones to bring lightness and a “glittery” effect.

Pro-tip: Whether you’re using Multi-Color or Creative Permanent Color, utilizing CLEAR in your formula can help achieve up to an additional 1/2-1 level of lift. Add our Deep Color Complex to the formula for even more tone, shine, and condition.

All of concept’s wonderful products are formulated using the most up-to-date science and cutting-edge technology to ensure outstanding results and maximum health of the hair.

Be sure and check out their amazing toning options as well. With products such as Ligh[10] Tone Controller, Smoothies, and Conditioning Direct Color, there is truly a product for everyone.