Davines: Liquid Spell Reinforcing Bodifying Fluid

Davines Liquid Spell

Your favorite client walks in with dull, limp tresses and in need of some major hair love… what do you do? Well, thanks to Davines, now you can grab a bottle of Liquid Spell Reinforcing Bodifying Fluid to charm those locks back to life and full of body.


Go ahead, sit your client down. It’s time to put their mind [and hair] at ease. Because Liquid Spell has been specifically developed for sensitized or fine hair, it’s formulated with natural active ingredients. This powerful combination of amino acids and thermo-activated molecules fills your client’s external hair structure and binds the cuticles, providing compactness and body without all of those harsh chemicals.


With Liquid Spell in one hand and all of your expertise in the other, you can begin transforming the quality of your client’s hair fiber for a healthier, silkier and naturally shiny look. Just dispense 3-4 pumps on towel-dried hair, applying it evenly from the roots to the ends and comb through.

And, since this liquid-to-foam product can be applied on its own or blended for custom treatment, you have a few different elixirs to choose from.

[extreme body concentrate] Liquid Spell Reinforcing Bodifying Fluid + Naturaltech Energizing Thickening Tonic

[absolute beauty concentrate] Liquid Spell Reinforcing Bodifying Fluid + Oi Oil

[well-being anti-age concentrate] Liquid Spell Reinforcing Bodifying Fluid + Naturaltech Renewing Serum Superactive

[shape & volume concentrate] Liquid Spell Reinforcing Bodifying Fluid + More Inside Volume Boosting Mousse


For your finale, activate the amino acids by blowdrying your client’s hair, giving it a powerful dose of added body and shine. You and your client will instantly see the dramatic difference. BONUS: Liquid Spell can be used in combination with any usual hair care products, applying it after any product intended for scalp treatment and before hair treatments or styling products.

And, for your next trick… buy now and SAVE BIG.


1 – Liquid Spell Reinforcing Bodifying Fluid, 125 ml

Get your supply and start casting some beautifying [Liquid] spells on all your client’s hair!

Davines: Sustainable Beauty Month [a.k.a. Earth Month]

Davines Sustainable Beauty Month

Sustainable Beauty Month [a.k.a. Earth Month] is one of the key ways in which Davines supports communities and the environment through sustainable beauty in action. And, so can you and your clients! #SBMONTH2018


For a handful of years, Davines has collaborated with The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (FTPF) to help make impoverished communities more fruitful. Together, with the support of you and your salons, they have fundraised tree planting projects in Mozambique (2012), Brazil (2013), American Indian reservations (2014) and El Salvador (2015). That’s an incredible sustainable beauty record right there!


In April, Davines is rejoining forces with FTPF for Sustainable Beauty Month (a.k.a. Earth Month) to fund a wonderful project for in-need communities living on the edge of the Peruvian Amazon. This year the funds raised will support planting 5,000 trees in the Loreto region of Peru. This project is especially interesting because of its connection to the Essential Haircare line’s core concept of biodiversity. Approximately 357 local families would benefit from the new fruit trees, which would provide a stable food and income generation source to local communities and schools.



To let Davines know your salon will be participating in fundraising, Visit http://www.davines.com/sbmonth2018/. BONUS: At the end of the month, Davines will select a salon they feel showed the most creativity and effort in fundraising… AND that salon will get to choose one staff member to go to Peru and participate firsthand!


Can’t commit to participating in the fundraising efforts but want to help sustain beauty? It’s super easy to make a donation here: DONATE


Don’t miss out on all of the sustainable beauty happening in April… follow the event at #SBMONTH2018.

Kaizen Education Spring 2018 Line Up

PSC Kaizen Education

Davines is all about hair education and we love partnering with Kaizen by Sal Misseri. Sal and PSC believe strongly in the same mission: dedication to helping you be at the top of your hair game. By combining hands-on cut, color, styling, makeup, and photo shoot workshops/practicums; you leave with a comprehensive hair toolkit that enables you to showcase your true potential and inner creativity.

Kaizen Education has a Spring 2018 line up that will have your creative juices flowing!

And, did we mention you’ll learn directly from a team of professionals who are experts in their specific hair field? It’s an immersive educational experience you don’t want to miss… so, here’s the spring line up:


Men’s grooming is all too often a neglected art. Used by NAHA Men’s Hairstylist of the Year finalists, this system provides inspiration to create new, customized looks for your male clientele. While under intensive guidance, you will work on a live model, view demos by Kaizen stylists and hone your scissor, razor and clipper techniques.


Meet the needs of your trendiest clientele by offering options beyond traditional hand painting. This course will explore multiple foil, balayage placements and techniques to achieve a natural, dimensional, “lived-in” look. Your takeaways are guaranteed to boost your creativity and build your repertoire behind the chair.


Optimize your approach to addressing the special needs of your curly hair clients. Learn how to utilize both dry and wet cutting techniques as well as experience best practices for product usage and styling techniques. Come alongside curly hair experts as they share their methods to obtain control while maximizing shape for your textured clientele.


Map your style to create beautiful, balanced shapes. Master the foundation of setting hair by using four different techniques and learn advanced back combing, back brushing and pinning skills to maximize your bridal clientele. This seminar will bump up your bridal expertise allowing for more efficient and effective bridal styling.


Get creative with artisanal formulation and dimensional placement [zone toning]. Garner a fresh and individual approach to formulating toners with an expanded understanding of customized placement during the toning service. You have the talent; get the confidence to create hand-crafted toning services for your clients.


Understand dimension and reflection through painting graduated colors as you focus on proper brush stroke and placement. Achieve flawless results with proven in-salon techniques for this timeless color effect.


Take your balayage to the next level while learning different applications for this freeform technique. Focused on enhancing existing colors, highlighting face shapes and utilizing complimentary tonalities, to give your client’s everyday wearable hair as wells as editorial photogenic looks.


Perfect for all of you stylists who don’t like to follow the conventional rules of haircutting. Because dry hair cutting is much more intuitive than wet haircutting, this class covers many unique cutting techniques [point, slide & inside out] to both enhance and control textures in your client’s hair.


Are you looking for purpose to support your client’s color placement? This seminar will expand your creative edge beyond technique with principle-based methods for every haircut. Gain confidence in choosing the proper placement and color formulation to customize colors for every client’s shape.

Ready to elevate your hair skills? Sign up now!


PSC Davines The Imprinter

Davines welcomes to the hair world, THE IMPRINTER, the latest brainchild of creative director Angelo Seminara and Davines Research Laboratories. Perfect for your clients who want never-before-seen looks, this tool gives you yet another way to provide an innovative color service, enabling them to wear patterns previously impossible to attain!

Inspired by imprinting in nature, a learning process through replication, Seminara’s THE IMPRINTER allows patterns to be created on your client’s colored hair, using any color product from Mask with Vibrachrom to Alchemic. Offering a completely new technique, this tool literally hands you the ability to fashion graphically diverse patterns.

In case you missed it, that’s a triple hair threat = innovative technology + fresh patterns + color options for days.

And, it has an “easy” button.

Once a difficult process through freehand, you can now effortlessly produce patterns for your clients using THE IMPRINTER Tool Optical Stencil Kit. With two different patterns, this new set of tools is versatile enough to create the most subtle to dramatic transformations. A revolutionary new color service, IMPRINTING is designed to support your infinite creativity and to make your client’s style stand out.

With THE IMPRINTER, you can take color to a different dimension and give your clients the unique hair expression to match their personalities as well as stay on trend. Yeah, go ahead… consider yourself a guardian of the hair galaxy.

DAVINES: The Circle Chronicles

PSC The Circle Chronicles

Ever had a client in need of a little extra hair and scalp TLC? Davines is launching The Circle Chronicles; five new hair masks designed to help you to elevate your chair game. Each mask has a unique fragrance and purpose but they all provide instant results that will dramatically ramp up any beauty routine. You will want the entire collection!


A creamy white color mask created to bring extra shine and instant brightness to your client’s hair, enhancing natural or cosmetic color. This mask has an excellent conditioning effect, leaving hair moisturized without weighing it down. Rich in vitamins and proteins, the Moringa oil helps to enhance shine while also providing deep nourishment. Your client’s hair will shine like never before! Boom.


All aboard the moisturization express where you can detangle and nourish your client’s hair in only three minutes! Enriched with hyaluronic acid natural red clay, this mask gives enhances color and removes impurities. This multimasker [see what we did there?] will keep your client’s hair in the fast lane.


When your client’s hair is desperate for a remedy to brittleness and damage, hair chivalry is not dead. Formulated with nutritious Babassu butter and yellow clay, this resilient mask restores softness, body and hair structure, making it look healthier and stronger. Hopeless hair no more!


Every head of hair needs a break, especially after a long week. This purple-colored mask is formulated to destress your client’s scalp and hair in order to bring tone and volume. Formulated with Rhodiola extract and purple clay, its anti-toxic properties bring balance. Relax. Check. Recharge. Check. Hair recovery made easy. Check.


Created to remove scalp impurities from your client’s hair, this super pious mask is enriched with matcha tea and 100 percent natural eco-certified bamboo charcoal. With these free radical fighters on the job, hair is protected from atmospheric pollution. Every day. All day.

Designed to address your client’s deepest hair needs, these super hair masks hand you immediate results. Get your supply of The Circle Chronicles today and serve your client’s up some fantastic hair!