For nearly 40 years, John Paul Mitchell Systems® has been serving the professional beauty industry with salon-quality hair care products and styling tools. The first professional hair care company to take a stand against animal testing and continue their strong commitment to giving back, supporting a wide range of philanthropic causes both domestically and internationally.


Success doesn’t happen overnight or on its own. John Paul Mitchell Systems® is a testament to the great people who work to bring the brand’s vision to life, from stylists in the salon to the platform artists and educators who inspire them. Built on expertise, creativity, and dedication, they are more than just a company—they’re a talented family, changing the hair care game in more ways than one.


Back when it all began 38 years ago, John Paul DeJoria and Paul Mitchell set out to create a company that would support hairdressers, providing the products, tools, and systems that help their business and artistry thrive. From signing a 360-year trust that ensures John Paul Mitchell Systems® will remain a privately owned, independent company, to finding unique solutions to reward hairdressers in a changing economy, their commitment to the professional hairdresser has never wavered.


Within everyone at John Paul Mitchell Systems® is the fire to make a difference. From training their Future Professionals at Paul Mitchell Schools to philanthropic partnerships aimed at preserving the planet, igniting change across the globe is just another part of their culture.


It all began in 1983.  There once was a family called Bollati, from Parma, Italy.  They had a vision to make sustainable haircare products.  Starting in their garage, they did just that.  In 1993, their first products were born carrying the Davines logo, a combination of letters from siblings Davide and Stefania.  The family always sought harmony between science and nature.  The brand’s in-house lab and chemists made of a passion of this pursuit.

Davide, always energized with wanderlust, looked to the world for inspiration, and Davines grew into the culturally diverse, made in Italy, brand it is today.  The little brand from Parma, eventually opened offices in various cities around the world.  Always trying to refine their philosophy, they eventually hit upon the tagline Sustainable Beauty.  Two words, juxtaposed, carried so much importance that Davines wrote a manifesto about expressing ideals like “freedom of expression”,” multicultural curiosity”, “transparency”, and “collaboration”.

Humanity and respect for the environment grew ever so important, leading the brand to make most of its products carbon-neutral.  As it got larger, it became more and more conscious of making a positive impact on the world, on doing what it could to take responsibility for the planet and improving the one place everyone calls home.

Davines became a B Corporation, or benefit corporation, in 2016 to use business as a force for good.  All this helped the brand find its true purpose: to be the best for the world, creators of good life for all, through beauty, ethics, and sustainability.

After years of dreaming, the Bollati family built the Davines Village where every product is crafted.

This brief family story reads like a fairytale, but sometimes fantasy and reality come together to make something beautiful and good.  You just have to believe.


The philosophy behind every concept™ hair care and color product is to bring hair back to its natural state. From care and styling to bleach and hair color, their products go further to treat and condition hair. Their secret? The right combination of natural ingredients and the latest innovations in hair care and hair color technology. concept was created in 1999 by Ivano Panzeri in Italy – known as one of the most competitive hair product markets in Europe. The brand was quickly recognized by industry experts for its innovation. Panzeri’s goal was to provide hair stylists with a fresh approach to achieving success, through technological advances and effective commercial and marketing strategies. With this business model, concept soon acquired a significant share of the Italian market, and now exports its products to 46 countries. In 2007, concept took on a new challenge and entered North America. In a few short years it achieved a significant presence, and the brand is now represented through 26 distributors across the US and Canada. concept™ USA is the exclusive representative of milk_shake and NO INHIBITON brands in North America. These product lines are part of the concept™ family; a young, innovative and dynamic Italian brand offering professional hair and beauty products worldwide. From shampoos and conditioners to color and lightener, these product lines offer a solution for every scalp and hair need. concept™ products make great hair easy to achieve while offering everything you need to look amazing 365 days a year; from never-fail styles to solutions for frizz, limp tresses, dull color, hair loss and more!

Milk_ShakeLogo NoInhibitionLogo


Like every good story, this one starts in an alley. With two men in love with barbering. Sotted in style. And drowning under the influences of rock ‘n roll, kustom culture and the working-class ethic of Rotterdam.

Men on a mission

Leen and Bertus wanted to cut every man the perfect hairstyle, proper porkchop. And to provide a haven. A barbershop. A place men could trust the products and enjoy the company. Those classic styles and hot-towel shaves are still around. And the traditions that created them have kickstarted a bit of a riot.

Flash forward

Cut to the present day. Leen and Bertus have their name on a school, spreading the greasy gospel to people who need to perfect their craft. And they have their own line of products, too. Reuzel is here to make sure that as styles change, the attitude remains the same.

If you get it, you get it
And if you don’t, you never will. Doesn’t bother us. But for those people who are ready to sculpt a style, write a story, and be part of a legacy… Well, welcome to the family.


Tradition Evolves.  Real tools for the beauty of men.

DEPOT® celebrates the tradition of male grooming with a new and evolved perception of male beauty. The sophisticated yet simple specific products that make up the range are modern must-haves based on traditional formulas: true classics updated for the man of today.

DEPOT: a contemporary, advanced and simple approach to male grooming.  In a male market that is constantly changing, where many men are returning to old-fashioned barbers for a tailor-made shaving ritual, others are turning to hair stylists for a cutting-edge look or haircut, or they’re finding the comprehensive attention they need at the new barber salons that combine the past and present: this is DEPOT.

DEPOT offers a full range of male products to meet the demands of a changing male market, adapted to fit their needs.  Specific, high quality products with a strong identity were created for demanding professionals in the male market.

DEPOT The male tools & Co.  For the well-groomed modern man.  A product line that revisits the original formulas of classic male grooming treatments, with modern, sophisticated, and technologically advanced reinterpretations. 

Babe 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions create unbelievable hair transformations.  Thanks to our extensions, adding amazing length and volume has never been easier.  With four different methods of application and 30 colors in both straight and wavy, the possibilities are utterly endless.

At Babe, their passion is creating hair extensions that change women’s lives, not just their look.  Hair extensions are becoming more and more popular, and it’s easy to see why.  Women can instantly get the long, full hair that would otherwise take years to grow.  Extensions can also add fun streaks of color and highlights.

Babe carries all the hair tools necessary to install and remove extensions. Babe also has a line of high-quality lash extensions and tools.

evo™ is a family owned and operated, Aussie born and raised brand that has been providing salons across the globe with top-notch professional haircare since 2005.

At evo™, they intend to give anyone and everyone good hair. No miracle cures, gimmicks, hyped-up ingredients or answers to love, life and other woes… just quality, professional haircare that speaks the truth with personality.

From humble beginnings to big ideas, their mission has remained the same: “saving ordinary humans from themselves.” They do this by challenging the status quo… to get people thinking for themselves, so that they can inspire positive change while providing honest products that respect people and the planet.

They’re a full concept professional haircare brand that puts performance and people first. They don’t shame ingredients or greenwash, instead they create the best performance products they can while respecting people and the planet. Each gimmick-free product is made for anyone and everyone. They’re easy to understand and simple to use.