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Olympic Thinking to Success

Olympic Training for Success | Professional Salon Concepts
Olympic Thinking is a way to think about anything you want to do or become.

Step 1: State what you want.
No Olympic athlete accidentally competes. It is with a very specific goal that they begin to train. Be specific about what you want to accomplish and apply it.

Step 2: Select a coach.
The key is to give permission for someone to coach you. A coach sees you for the talent you have and for what you need to do to become great. In a salon there are many opportunities to select a coach: supervisor, artistic director, fellow hairdresser just to name a few.

Step 3: The learning process
Some key questions you should ask: What can we learn from these experiences? Did we gain a new understanding of pace? Better dialogue for up selling the menu? Rescheduling? What do I need to take me to the next level? Ask your coach.

Step 4: Practice
Practice does not happen by chance but by design. We believe that dialogue, perfecting the words that we use, is a key for growth. Hairdressers must be willing to be as awkward with words as we once were with our hands when we learned how to cut, blow dry or color hair.

Step 5: Apply the practice
If we do not have a complete understanding of how this practice will assist us in getting to the next level, chances are we will not practice at all.

Step 6: Visualize the desired result
Fully visualize yourself being productive. This will create a playing field where you learn to expect to win.

Step 7: Measure the desired results
We watch the Olympics because they measure the results with a scoreboard or time clock. Enough said, measure the results, not just paycheck and gratuities.

Step 8: What went right?
Even when our performance is not perfect, there is always plenty that went right.

Step 9: Celebrate!
Yes, celebrate! A moment of joy for the progress that we are making and the talent you possess.

Step 10: What went wrong?
Self-check what did not go well. Was it the dialogue…tools…schedule? The next step will help you to get beyond this.

Step 11: Correct it
In our profession, we see guests every 30-60 minutes. Correct what did not go well in the previous appointment and enjoy the benefits. We get the opportunity to start fresh with each client.

Step 12: Go back to step number 1
Live the stated objective, “to keep the energy, spirit, passion and pace alive at all times, in front of us daily! Let’s go for it together!”

Your Salon’s Story

Steve: One of the things that I learned in business from Terri was, that as a business owner, you need to be able to fight for your cause. You do this with your words and the way you speak about what you do in business. In the process, you are inviting people to be part of that. You are inviting them into your dream.

Terri: Yes, to share in your vision.

Steve: Once we’ve gathered all the information from the salon owner regarding their staff, hours, and support team, we get a sense of the salon’s story. We can talk about the mission, the vision, the non-negotiables, and their career path. We believe those four components are critical for every salon owner to have, in order to move forward in their business.

The mission quite simply is what the owner has planned. When they dreamed of a salon, at the beginning, what did they envision the salon to be when it grew up. The mission is more than just a string of business-related words put together. In writing about the salon, the owner should choose the most compelling words to explain why they went into business.

In coaching, when Terri and I ask, “Why did you do it?” we want to hear from the owner the salon’s story. When the story isn’t motivating – if there isn’t a clear mission – the owner may not be able to inspire others. People want to belong when there’s a compelling story. They want to be a part of what the salon is.

The Woodland Collection

The Woodland Collection is absolutely fantastic!

Davine’s Artistic Director, Angelo Seminara, envisioned the shades of lights and colors in the woods and created a look that is wild and inspiring. Angelo compares it to a theatrical play that introduces a story plot and then builds on that to produce ebbs and flow of emotion and style that is amazing.

The fact that Angelo was able to create wild, bold colors and styles along with natural, muted colors is what makes this woodland collection perfect for any personality.

This video shows the variety we’re talking about along with an interview with Angelo…

Want to know what products were used for a particular look? Check out their Woodland Collection images; the link to the products used are at the bottom of each image.

Have fun creating!

No Inhibition

No Inhibition | concepts

We love no inhibition from concept!

This product is a sophisticated and elegant hair styling line that takes you on a journey into an elite world made of contrasts, colors and shapes to create, define and reach perfection. Fancy!

We have great respect for concept’s ingredients in no inhibition hair products because the source of their origin shows commitments to the environment and the consciousness of it’s users. Did you know that technological formulas are used in the production of this styling line? It contains patented organic elements, protecting the hair structure during and after every phase of styling.

This is what they’re about…

Inspiration: no inhibition is inspired by very important personalities in the history of cinema, style, transgression and good taste. Men and women whose image will forever survive in the universal culture. Brigitte Bardot. James Dean. Iman. Madonna.

Appearance: Products are displayed on a black background and brought to life by lead colors orange, purple and anthracite (fancy Greek word for ‘coal-like’). This color combination conjures a more luxurious and exclusive world. These three shades symbolize destination, the path to creativeness, and refined design.

Eco-Sensitiveness: Organic ingredients create an ethical commitment to the environment and to the sensitivities of it’s users. The unique characteristics of the guarana extracts refresh and invigorate the hair while hydrating and strengthening it with every application.

Fragrance: no inhibition is characterized by an elegant scent with three sets of notes which unfold over time. The senses are immediately hit with the smell of mandarin, grapefruit and peppermint, which then leads into a deeper smell of rose, cinnamon and spices. Incredible, right?!

Art of Style – Dressed Updo

Christmas is in just a few days! There are still enough days for more Christmas parties which is why we want to remind you of a great dressed updo that Paul Mitchell highlights in this video. It’s all about the height!!


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