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SU-mmer Hair

PSC_SU-mmer Hair

Davines is making sure that you are covered head to toe this summer with SU! The summer sun can be harsh on the hair.  While we are scooping up sunblock as a skin protector we sometimes think our hair might be immune to the effects of the sun.

Truth Or Myth

It is possible to have Sun damaged hair. TRUTH

The only way to protect my hair is by wearing a hat. MYTH

Once your hair is damaged there is no repair. MYTH

The Davines SU product line is devoted to helping you keep your hair healthy whether you are beach bound, lounging pool side, or swimming in lakes, pools or the ocean. Protecting your hair from sun and summer damage is a MUST DO! You’ll thank Davines later.

SU Hair and Body Wash

Delicate, restorative and moisturizing shampoo and shower gel with a formula that produces a rich and thick foam. It cleanses hair and body after sun exposure, helping to prolong the life of your tan.

SU Hair Mask

A complete anti-age treatment to replace softness, moisture and shine even to the driest and most opaque hair. Can be used for all hair types, during and after sun exposure.

This mask is GREAT for hair that has been exposed to chlorine and/or saltwater. The shea butter alone will leave your hair feeling soft and silky.

SU Milk

A leave-in protective and softening treatment that provides all the benefits of a cream and the lightness of a spray. Thanks to anti UV-A and UV-B filters, it protects the hair color during sun exposure. It has a light formula that conditions the hair without weighing it down, leaving it soft and shiny.

The SU line has a floral (camellia and mimosa), fruity (apple) and woody fragrance. If these scents don’t scream summer…nothing does! When you step away from the pool or sandy beaches you want to step into the nightlife knowing that you left the sun and sea where they belong.

Feeling and looking sexy and beautiful pairs well with the SU product line from Davines. There is zero chance that you’ll wonder if you smell like the beach or if your hair feels rough or course from all the water and sun exposure. The SU product line gives you the best of both worlds. You get to spend your days hanging out with the SUN and your evenings socializing without worry. Even if you are just a weekender…put your hair on the list of things to protect this summer. There is only TRUTH in the fact that you will LOVE SU!


Cheer the Beard

Cheer the Beard

Beard Balm, Beard Foam, After Shave from Reuzel, it was only a matter of time before the Bertus and Leen team turned their attention to introducing these exciting styling products. Cheer the beard!

The Balm is the light to medium hold, multi-purpose balm with the manly and woodsy scent. Reuzel formulated for the beard and the skin. Say good riddance to itch and beardruff. The welcome mat is out for even thicker hair, taming rogue strands, repairing split ends and softening the course hairs.

Balm is in with us insiders. There’s no waiting around. Right away, the beard appears thicker. No worries. Balm keeps our beard moisturized for the long haul of the day. Just try to find an easier balm to work with. Reuzel leaves our beard and mustache the way we like it: full, soft and healthy.

The Foam is Reuzel’s revolutionary, patent pending leave-in conditioner which deodorizes and absorbs quickly to tame and control. Bertrus and Leen can’t see any other way to look the part of well-maintained gentleman to the world. That’s the incredibly soft and groomed way to be.

Foam soothes and conditions to reduce itch and beardruff. The hair is thicker. We’re taming the rogues, repairing split ends, softening course hairs, knocking out that funky smell. In an instant, the beard appears thicker. The beard is moisturized for the day. Easy to work with, Foam leaves beard and mustache full, soft and healthy. That’s as a consistent as things get.

Reuzel After Shave is an original Schorem barbership scent. This is a crisp and sharply defined aftershave. We notice the bright citrus notes. There’s the woody hint of sandalwood. Our home shop after shave leaves the skin refreshed and smooth with the one-of-a-kind masculine fragrance. We like how it cools and exhilarates, soothes tender skin, helps heal razor nicks.


Rub a pea or dime sized amount of Beard Balm into the skin where the beard grows to nourish at the roots. Spread the balm through the hair from root to tip.

Rub 2 to 4 pumps of Beard Foam into a clean, towel dried beard, mustache and face. Rub into the skin to make sure to get to where the beard grows, to nourish hair at the roots.

Spread the foam from root to tip, using a wide tooth comb to keep the beard soft and smelling fresh. Once the beard is dry, apply a small amount of Beard Balm for shine and hold.

Squeeze-In Hair Appointments

PSC_Squeeze-In Hair Appointments

Steve Cowan: A squeeze-in guest is a temporary guest. We tell our hairdressers, please don’t buy a new home, buy a new car or alter your standard of living if you are relying on squeeze-in guests.

You will lose them. It’s only a matter of time. They’re not with you forever. Sooner or later, they’re going to call and need to get in on that day. You won’t be able to accommodate them.

The first time, they don’t go to someone else in the salon…they go to a whole different salon because you’ve let them down. You trained them how to be a guest in your salon. That training was they got squeezed in. All of a sudden, you don’t. You can’t. You physically can’t. They get mad and go somewhere else.

Please save a squeeze-in appointment for the times in people’s lives when you really need to do that. There are legitimate times. Certainly, a death in the family is always a legitimate time for a squeeze-in. They didn’t plan it. You couldn’t have planned for it.

Terri Cowan: We would call it an S.O.S. appointment, not a squeeze-in. It’s become too casual and it’s sloppy.

Steve: Talk to people who have been behind the chair longer, that have lost guests as a result of squeezing in and then not being able to. It’s really important to meet this challenge early in your career.

Terri: I would probably have a service line item called S.O.S. I can have a look at someone’s service history and see how often they only call in. Most people don’t know. They’ve got a gut feeling that Mary called in eight times. So we had to squeeze them in. John called in three times. What happens if it was more? Are we being taken advantage of?

Steve: And for No Shows, the front desk can take care of a reminder call for any pre-scheduled appointments, usually 48 hours in advance.

One of the greatest things you can do for the salon is to reschedule. Every guest that leaves today without rescheduling is at least one random phone call that your owner won’t need the front desk to handle.

It’s much easier to schedule a reminder call in “down time” or non-busy time than it is to schedule random phone calls.

If we’re really operating as a team in the salon environment, the front desk staff and the owner need you to reschedule today while the guest is in the salon.

Introducing Ultimate Color Repair Mask

PSC_Ultimate Color Repair Mask

Your client just walked in with a friend and says, “You HAVE to fix her!” You see it right away. The dull, color barely hanging in there. Your client KNEW that you would work your magic to make her friend look just as fabulous as you made her look.

You know you can do it because Paul Mitchell’s got you covered with their Ultimate Color Repair Mask. As with anything, prevention is key! Being a Color Gal, you are already using Paul Mitchell’s Ultimate Color Repair System. They are now adding the Mask which repairs damaged hair to help prevent color from fading in the first place!

Ultimate Color Repair Mask

What it is: An ultra-rich deep conditioning mask made for color-treated hair.

What is does: Delivers an intense dose of Quinoa Color Repair complex to help lock in hair color and repair strands from within. The Quinoa Color Repair complex is fused with shea butter, jojoba, soybean oil and powerful antioxidants to give you your most vibrant and healthy hair.

How it does it: Helps lock in color and minimize damage by creating a protective barrier around your hair cuticle, which enhances and protects your hair color investment. Additionally, the rich formula smooths hair cuticles, leaving your hair incredibly moisturized, vibrant and shiny!

How to use it: After washing your hair with Ultimate Color Repair Shampoo, towel-dry your tresses and apply the mask from roots to ends, and comb through. Leave it on for 5-15 minutes then rinse. Apply Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue before styling. Repeat weekly.

So while the Summer Sun starts rising, get a jump on it already and show your guests the longer-lasting color they’ll get this time around! Up to 9-extra weeks for those of you counting. That means a little extra in their wallet for the summer fun that is ahead. They’ll love you for that!

Davines More Inside Styling Contest

PSC_Davines More Inside Styling Contest

Davines knows there are many layers that make up the whole YOU. Some days we just don’t know that we are beautiful and some days we totally KNOW IT! There are those go-to styles that we have on hand for those moments when we feel a little more alive inside, a tad rebellious, flirty, or a little grungy but with a swirl of gorgeous. We all have a combo of styles to go with the ME that wakes up each morning.

Davines is happy to help you announce your different styles with their More Inside Styling Contest and they have created the hashtag of hashtags for you to show off the layers of you that we all love: #DavinesAlterEgo

Let’s start with making sure we have a pure reflection of the everyday you. This is the you that steps into most of your days. This doesn’t have to be a boring version of you; this is simply the style that you can do quickly, meets all the requirements for you to have a successful day. There is NOTHING wrong with this you. Let’s just call it the vanilla you. Classic, smooth, and consistent.

We all know there are times when you can take the vanilla side and shape shift it into something out of this world. Whether you pick baby steps and subtle changes or an earth shattering look that makes us all say, “Wait, what is that???” (By the time everyone realizes it’s you, you’ll be three steps ahead, looking back with pride, and biting your lip with seductive success.)

So, what is this competition all about? Davines is looking for at least one look showing YOUR alter ego. There is no need to try and make yourself into anything, this is just one of the many layers of YOU. Your look must be created ENTIRELY by using your favorite More Inside Styling Products! The photos submitted must be hi-res and submissions are simple. One picture of yourself ‘Before’ (the vanilla you) and then One picture of your ‘Alter Ego’ look!

Davines Prize Categories are as follows:

Grand Prize: a $300 selection of your favorite styling products

First Prize: a $200 selection of your favorite styling products

Second Prize: a $100 selection of your favorite styling products

Submission Period is May 4th to June 5th at 11:59pm PST. Winners will be announced via email and social media on or about June 15th!

We know and you know that you are AMAZING just the way you are! But we are excited to see what you can show us as you peel back the layers of yourself and show off some of your sizzle. Of course, SHARE YOURSELF with the world as you go through this process of #DavinesAlterEgo. Might as well make the world jealous, turn a few heads, and show off the sexy, beautiful you!


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