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Davines: Sustainable Beauty Month [a.k.a. Earth Month]

Davines Sustainable Beauty Month

Sustainable Beauty Month [a.k.a. Earth Month] is one of the key ways in which Davines supports communities and the environment through sustainable beauty in action. And, so can you and your clients! #SBMONTH2018


For a handful of years, Davines has collaborated with The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (FTPF) to help make impoverished communities more fruitful. Together, with the support of you and your salons, they have fundraised tree planting projects in Mozambique (2012), Brazil (2013), American Indian reservations (2014) and El Salvador (2015). That’s an incredible sustainable beauty record right there!


In April, Davines is rejoining forces with FTPF for Sustainable Beauty Month (a.k.a. Earth Month) to fund a wonderful project for in-need communities living on the edge of the Peruvian Amazon. This year the funds raised will support planting 5,000 trees in the Loreto region of Peru. This project is especially interesting because of its connection to the Essential Haircare line’s core concept of biodiversity. Approximately 357 local families would benefit from the new fruit trees, which would provide a stable food and income generation source to local communities and schools.



To let Davines know your salon will be participating in fundraising, Visit BONUS: At the end of the month, Davines will select a salon they feel showed the most creativity and effort in fundraising… AND that salon will get to choose one staff member to go to Peru and participate firsthand!


Can’t commit to participating in the fundraising efforts but want to help sustain beauty? It’s super easy to make a donation here: DONATE


Don’t miss out on all of the sustainable beauty happening in April… follow the event at #SBMONTH2018.

Kaizen Education Spring 2018 Line Up

PSC Kaizen Education

Davines is all about hair education and we love partnering with Kaizen by Sal Misseri. Sal and PSC believe strongly in the same mission: dedication to helping you be at the top of your hair game. By combining hands-on cut, color, styling, makeup, and photo shoot workshops/practicums; you leave with a comprehensive hair toolkit that enables you to showcase your true potential and inner creativity.

Kaizen Education has a Spring 2018 line up that will have your creative juices flowing!

And, did we mention you’ll learn directly from a team of professionals who are experts in their specific hair field? It’s an immersive educational experience you don’t want to miss… so, here’s the spring line up:


Men’s grooming is all too often a neglected art. Used by NAHA Men’s Hairstylist of the Year finalists, this system provides inspiration to create new, customized looks for your male clientele. While under intensive guidance, you will work on a live model, view demos by Kaizen stylists and hone your scissor, razor and clipper techniques.


Meet the needs of your trendiest clientele by offering options beyond traditional hand painting. This course will explore multiple foil, balayage placements and techniques to achieve a natural, dimensional, “lived-in” look. Your takeaways are guaranteed to boost your creativity and build your repertoire behind the chair.


Optimize your approach to addressing the special needs of your curly hair clients. Learn how to utilize both dry and wet cutting techniques as well as experience best practices for product usage and styling techniques. Come alongside curly hair experts as they share their methods to obtain control while maximizing shape for your textured clientele.


Map your style to create beautiful, balanced shapes. Master the foundation of setting hair by using four different techniques and learn advanced back combing, back brushing and pinning skills to maximize your bridal clientele. This seminar will bump up your bridal expertise allowing for more efficient and effective bridal styling.


Get creative with artisanal formulation and dimensional placement [zone toning]. Garner a fresh and individual approach to formulating toners with an expanded understanding of customized placement during the toning service. You have the talent; get the confidence to create hand-crafted toning services for your clients.


Understand dimension and reflection through painting graduated colors as you focus on proper brush stroke and placement. Achieve flawless results with proven in-salon techniques for this timeless color effect.


Take your balayage to the next level while learning different applications for this freeform technique. Focused on enhancing existing colors, highlighting face shapes and utilizing complimentary tonalities, to give your client’s everyday wearable hair as wells as editorial photogenic looks.


Perfect for all of you stylists who don’t like to follow the conventional rules of haircutting. Because dry hair cutting is much more intuitive than wet haircutting, this class covers many unique cutting techniques [point, slide & inside out] to both enhance and control textures in your client’s hair.


Are you looking for purpose to support your client’s color placement? This seminar will expand your creative edge beyond technique with principle-based methods for every haircut. Gain confidence in choosing the proper placement and color formulation to customize colors for every client’s shape.

Ready to elevate your hair skills? Sign up now!

Get ready for milk_shake’s decologic

PSC milk_shake decologic

With a complete range of lightening products, milk_shake decologic offers you solutions to enhance your in-salon lighting and toning services. Finally, technology and innovation have combined to create perfect blondes… and they’re infused with organic goodness. What the hair?!

+organic cranberry extract The presence of enormous quantities of anti-free-radical molecules, vitamins and minerals enhances protection and helps to give your client’s hair a healthy and revitalized appearance.

+clay A specific clay from Brazil with a golden hue, it has a high affinity with hair, smoothening the cuticle and enhancing repairing processes, protecting and improving the condition of both your client’s hair fiber and appearance.

+silk proteins Silk proteins have a high affinity with hair keratin, with a conditioning and protective action, giving your client’s hair manageability and shine, protecting from the irritation caused by aggressive surfactants.

Now, let’s talk product. Designed to condition and protect hair, this line delivers you the tools you need to turn out fantastic, healthy hair for your clients AND right now you save 20%!

 milk_shake decologic

BLUE LIGHTENING POWDER [conditioning blue lightening powder 2.2lb]

With its versatile, dust-free formula, you get up to 6 levels of lift leaving behind brassiness or golden tones. Not only is it easy to blend, there’s no running, no expanding and no drying out.

LIGHTENING POWDER [conditioning lightening powder 1.1lb]

Comprised of the same versatile, dust-free formula with up to 6 levels of lift, it delivers an extra dose of care leaving your client’s hair soft, manageable and shiny.

LEVEL 9 [extra-high-lift powder]

With up to 9 levels of lift, this intense powder is suitable for all lightening techniques and counteracts residual warm tones with no running or expanding.

CLAY BALAYAGE LIGHTENER [freehand clay lightener 0.9lb]

Creating a barrier, with a lift up to 4 levels, your client’s hair is protected for precise results. Ideal for partial lightening, it adheres perfectly.

TOTAL ROOTS LIGHTENER TONE CONTROLLER [gentle lightening cream for roots, lengths and ends]

Ammonia-free, this lightening cream lifts gently up to 5-6 levels and can also be used on your client’s hair regrowth.

TONE CONTROLLER [toning gel]

This light and efficient toner offers perfect control after lightening your client’s hair. Bonus: It works on levels 9 and 10.

decologic TRY ME KIT
3  silver shine shampoo 10.1 oz
3  silver shine light shampoo 10.1 oz
3  silver shine whipped cream 6.8 oz

1  decologic lightening powder 2.8 oz
1  decologic blue lightening powder 2.8 oz
1  decologic level 9 2.8 oz
1  decologic clay balayage lightener 2.8 oz
1  decologic total roots lightener 1.7 oz
2  oxidizing emulsion 33.8 oz
1  decologic technical book

Paul Mitchell Live Beautifully Campaign

PSC paul mitchell live beautifully campaign

Paul Mitchell introduces their new LIVE BEAUTIFULLY lifestyle campaign, giving you and your clients a fresh take on products for every look and style. Guaranteed to make you fall in love with their flagship brand all over again with new imagery that embraces the individuality of personal style.

LIVE BEAUTIFULLY is about self-expression and being the best you. From rock ‘n roll edgy to femme and flirty, the vibrant personalities behind Paul Mitchell gives you everything you need to transform your client’s style dreams into reality with a routine all of their own. Bringing renewed energy to over 80 iconic products, the eye-catching lifestyle focus shows how Paul Mitchell connects to our everyday lives, creating unique and salon-beautiful looks.

GET THE LOOK [extra-body]

On the set of Paul Mitchell’s latest shoot, these Extra-Body products are workin’ it like it’s their job. [Because it is, and they never take a day off.]

Simply apply Extra-Body Sculpting Foam to wet hair, blow it out with a Pro Tool round brush and your client’s hair goes from 0 to 100 in just seconds.

RISE TO THE OCCASION [extra-body stylers & brushes = BIG hair + BIG savings]

Turn up your clients’ confidence and give them the flirty looks they crave. With your favorite Extra-Body stylers and Pro Tools brushes on hand, big, bouncy volume is as easy as prep, style, finish.

Now, check out these hair-body-building, money-saving deals!

PURCHASE NOW [salons save over 25%] Extra-Body Finishing Spray, 12 OZ.
Extra-Body Firm Finishing Spray, 11 OZ.
Thicken Up, 6.8 OZ.
Extra-Body Boost, 8.5 OZ.
Extra-Body Sculpting Gel, 6.8 OZ.
Extra-Body Sculpting Foam, 6.7 OZ.

EXPRESS ION ROUND + free display

2 – Express Ion Round Brush, Small
2 – Express Ion Round Brush, Medium
2 – Express Ion Round Brush, Large
2 – Express Ion Round Brush, X-Large
BONUS: 1 – Express Ion Round Brush Display


3 – 413 Sculpting Brush, Black Wood
3 – 407 Styling Brush, Black Wood
3 – 427 Paddle Brush, Black Wood
BONUS: 1 – Brush Display

5 Reasons You Should Always Measure Color

PSC 5 Reasons you should always measure color

If you’ve been a stylist for more than a minute, you’ve had one of those busy days, with multiple color clients, processing at different times and possibly running late. The temptation [the struggle is real] to just “eye ball” color measure, usually because you have done it a thousand times. The reality is, measuring is crucial to on-point results. To boost your hair measure motivation, BRIAN GRIEVE, Director of Education concept North America, shares 5 REASONS YOU SHOULD ALWAYS MEASURE COLOR.

  1. ITCHING SCALP The loathed itchy scalp. It’s one of the more irritating outcomes of failing to measure color accurately. CLASS IS IN SESSION: This occurs mainly when the use of scales has been overlooked, potentially causing your client’s hair color to become more aggressive. Innovative and advanced color formulations require precise measuring. Measuring = no itchy scalps!
  2. COLOR FADE Say it ain’t so! As a seasoned hair stylist, at some point, you have seen the look of color fade disappointment on a client’s face. CLASS IS IN SESSION: When there is an imbalance of the color and emulsion/developer mix ratio, fade happens. With the hair cuticle more exposed, color fades faster. This could happen with any color choice [reds, coppers & gray cover being most vulnerable], but you can nip color fade like a boss.
  3. COLOR RESULTS Another color casualty. On many occasions, the color is dull, lacking in consistent shine and often a translucent gray cover is the outcome. This often leads to your client raising dreaded color questions like, “Was that the same color you used?” CLASS IS IN SESSION: Color correctly measured delivers a consistent experience to your client, with much more vibrancy and intense shine reflect. Ultimately, it’s a win-win.
  4. CONSISTENCY Think hair history. How many times have you checked a client’s color history to remind you of a formula? Most of the time, right? The key to consistent color is consistent precision. CLASS IS IN SESSION: Failure to measure that same formula, each time, makes the art of recreating the beautiful color for your client next to impossible. No more, “My color was so vibrant and shiny last time… is there something wrong?” You got this!
  5. SAVING MONEY It’s all about the money, money, money… Not completely, but it is a well-known fact that a big drain on profits for any stylist or salon is the amount of color washed down the sink! CLASS IS IN SESSION: By consistently practicing the use of a scale, the ability to measure smaller amounts of accurate color and emulsion/developer increases will help prevent the wasting and washing away color. Did you hear that? A scale that saves you money and won’t make you cry [well, maybe happy tears].

We all know embracing change can be challenging. But, often the smallest of changes bring the biggest benefits. Measuring is definitely one of those, resulting in greater hair for your clients and even better business for you!


12 creative Permanent color 3.4 oz

FREE 1 milk_shake color scale


With a foundation of four generations in the salon business, it's no surprise that PSC is the first beauty products distributor ever to join the prestigious ranks of Inc. 500’s list of fastest growing privately held companies. We deliver quality hair care products and offer innovative educational programs. We are recognized as leaders in the industry who not only apply sound business strategies, but also employ the imagination and creativity that keeps us on the cutting edge.