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milk_shake Curl Passion Designer

October Product of the Month

You’ve heard every comment out there about curly hair, either for yourself or from clients…

“Is your hair natural? ”
“No, I do this every. single. morning…”

‘This is how long my hair looks…and this is how long my hair really is.”

“Can I touch it?!”

…and it just makes the issues with curly hair worse. Instead of the moans and groans, and dreading the upcoming weather forecast (nemesis: humidity), we have a better idea.

Curl Passion Designer

milk_shake curl passion designer not only tames those curls but eliminates frizz by using specific polymers with moulding AND conditioning actions. It’s the natural ingredients (grapefruit, apple and peach extracts) combined with specific active ingredients that helps to maintain long-lasting curls, leaving hair flexible, conditioned and shiny.

If you haven’t had a chance to try out mik_shake’s curl passion designer, the time to do it is now! If you purchase 6 Curl Passion Designers (5.9 oz) you can save 20%! concept wants to get this amazing product in your hands and on your clients’ hair.

Be sure to call your Salon Consultant at (815) 744-3384 and ask about this Product of the Month.

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