JPMS Joins Love Out Lavender

Love Out Lavender is a cancer research fundraising movement powered by stylists, and was created on the founding principles of creativity and passion. Founder Todd Kane’s own passion came from his experience of losing his mother to cancer. JPMS is proud to partner with LOL to help encourage stylists to use their extraordinary talents to create unique fundraising images, spread awareness and raise money for a great cause!

JPMS is honored to support LOL and will match every dollar our stylists raise up to $10,000! As an added bonus, they will reward the JPMS salon or stylist who raises the most with a surprise product reward or tool and the Top 5 fundraising images get published in Modern Salon magazine!

Love out Lavender

Photo courtesy of tkane5

To get started, LOL suggests:

Step 1: What inspires you?

  • Visit for information and inspiration.
  • Pick a type of cancer you want to fundraise for and sign up.
  • Create a concept for your image.
  • As a sponsor, you have creative freedom to inspire donations any way you choose by creating an image or modifying an image you’ve already created. Your message can be motivated by a personal story, or that of a friend or loved one.

Step 2: Inspire a team.

  • The more people you touch, the more people help fundraise—making your efforts more successful.
  • If possible, start with a photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist and model.
  • Host a photoshoot at your salon, photography studio or outdoors!

Step 3: Promote your image.

  • This is a social media movement and is most successful when everyone on your team posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or YouTube.
  • Be sure to tag your posts with #loveoutlavender, #cityofhope and #paulmitchellus.
  • Send personal emails to your contacts sharing your reason for joining the movement and the concept of your image.
  • In every post and every email you create, make sure to add your fundraising link and include an “ask.” If you don’t ask, you won’t receive—even if it’s $5, ask for something.

Love out Lavender

Photo courtesy of sydneyannlopezhair

More tips from the JPMS team:

  • Offer a special service in-salon called Love Out Lavender Mint (featuring Tea Tree Lavender Mint products) and use the proceeds to go towards your cancer fundraiser of choice.
  • Post color looks in lavender tones or coordinating color of cancer you are supporting. Donate those dollars from every color service to your fundraiser.
  • Create your own Take Home℠ promotion where a percentage goes towards your fundraiser.

7 Ways to use milk_shake Direct Color


Using a martini glass, line the inside of the glass with the milk_shake Conditioning Direct Color of your choice. Fill the glass with milk_shake Whipped Cream leave-in conditioning foam and top with a drizzle of Direct Color. Stir. Apply to damp hair and process 10-15 minutes. Rinse well and style as desired.


Clear Direct Color is a pigmentless shine treatment for the hair. Amazing for the hair of your no-color clients that require extra shine and love. Works particularly well in climates which endure static! Apply to damp hair and process 30 minutes. Rinse well and style as desired.


Because the range includes four shades of blonde (silver, powder, beige blonde and golden blonde) stylists are able to use our direct color as a toner on pre-lightened or natural blondes. Apply to damp hair, process up to 30 minutes or until desired tone is achieved. Rinse well and style as desired.


Need to refresh color on mid-lengths and ends? milk_shake Conditioning Direct Color makes this possible without having to use oxidative color. Our shade selection and intermixability allows you to customize any formula for any client, not to mention the shine factor. Apply to damp or dry hair, process up to 30 minutes or until desired depth is achieved. Rinse and follow with Color Specifics color sealing system.


Too often colorists perform color correction on already compromised hair. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to repigment without further stressing the strands? milk_shake Direct Color is the perfect choice to recondition and repigment hair before applying the target shade. Apply to damp hair, process 30 minutes. Rinse well and proceed with color correction service.


There is no need for every Direct Color application to be ‘all-over’ your clients hair. Spice up your creations by adding flashes of fashion tones to pre-lightened sections. Apply to damp hair, process 30 minutes. Rinse well and follow with Color Specifics Color Sealing System.


For your customers who are prone to color fading it is recommended to customize any of our great rinse-out conditioners for your client’s home maintenance. Remove 25 grams of conditioner (and add it to your back bar liters!) from the retail bottle, and replace with 25 grams of milk_shake Conditioning Direct Color. Tighten the lid and shake it like a Polaroid picture! Happy Coloring!

Behind the Bottle: The 5 P’s

Behind the Bottle

At John Paul Mitchell Systems there are 5 main cornerstones behind each and every bottle that you purchase—People, Products, Programs, Passion and Promise.

Here is a just a highlight of each of those P’s…


The people behind the bottle influence their focus and creativity, and John Paul DeJoria is at the heart of both. His inspirational rags-to-riches success story exemplifies the American Dream.

After high school and service with honors in the U.S. Navy, John Paul did whatever it took to make ends meet. Eventually, John Paul took his talents to several hair care and cosmetic companies before becoming an independent consultant. That’s when he teamed up with his friend Paul Mitchell to launch John Paul Mitchell Systems.

Today, John Paul is known as a philanthropist, environmentalist and pillar of the business community, committing the majority of his wealth to philanthropic causes through the Giving Pledge.


The products behind the bottle are designed with you in mind, and the Product Innovation Center (PIC) is where it all takes place. Based on the latest applications of science and technology, their commitment has always been to formulate safe and ethical luxury products at an affordable price, using unique and proprietary ingredients that truly perform.

Housing four Formulation Labs and a Test Salon that’s home to top-notch Product Evaluators, the PIC is organized around four main disciplines: research, formulation, evaluation and support functions. As the first professional beauty company to announce they don’t conduct or endorse animal testing, that means they test it all on people, in-house—over 500 per month!


The programs behind the bottle are all about business building, and the Perks Program increases your benefits and rewards your loyalty to John Paul Mitchell Systems. The Perks Program has received a facelift for 2017, combining something tried and true, with something brand new.

Enjoy the benefits of enrolling and beginning a committed relationship with JPMS, where the professional salon business is their only business. The Perks Program is a great way for JPMS to honor your dedication with valuable rewards (redeemable for free products, gear and merchandising support), in-salon education and much more.


The passion behind the bottle lies in making a positive change in the world around JPMS, and JPMS’ philanthropic efforts allow you to be part of an impactful giving culture. When you choose John Paul Mitchell Systems, you get more than just a quality product. You’re supporting a brand that gives back.

Over the years, John Paul Mitchell Systems and Paul Mitchell Schools have donated millions of dollars to hundreds of philanthropic causes, but they don’t just give with their checkbook. Working with influential non-profits like Baby2Baby and Sea Shepherd, we mobilize our entire community to get involved and lend a hand.


The promise behind the bottle is one that was made from the very beginning—to be socially responsible and solely devoted to the professional beauty industry—and John Paul DeJoria’s 360-year trust ensures things stay that way.

While many professional beauty brands have been bought out by bigger companies with over-the-counter retail brands, DeJoria has pledged to keep JPMS independently owned, so that salons’ and stylists’ best interests prevail.

The trust is a big part of our continued promise to both hairdressers and consumers, and one of the dedicated ways they’re able to control the high standard of their products for years to come.

Sharing your Compelling Story

Sharing Your Compelling Story

As an entrepreneur, you need to be able to fight for your cause. You do this with your words and the way you speak about what you do in business. In the process, you are inviting people to be part of that. You are inviting them into your dream….your story.

The mission, the vision, the non-negotiables, and the career path – those four components are critical for every salon owner to have, in order to move forward in their business.

The mission:  this is what you have planned. When you dream of a salon, at the beginning, what do you envision the salon to be when it’s complete? The mission is more than just a string of business-related words put together. In writing about the salon, you should choose the most compelling words to explain why you went into business.

Creating your own brand story should inspire, challenge, educate, and provoke a feeling. When Terri and Steve Cowan are coaching Salon Owners they ask them, “Why did you do it?” What they’re looking for is the salon’s story.

What happened in that owner’s life that fired them up to want to start their own salon? Why did they set up business in that particular part of town? What problem are you solving currently? When the story isn’t motivating – if there isn’t a clear mission – the owner may not be able to inspire others.

People want to belong where there’s a compelling story. They want to be a part of what the salon is.

Don’t think you have a compelling story to tell? We bet you do. Here’s some key ideas to help you lay it out:
  1. Identity – who were you when you started this journey (hopeless, frustrated, stuck, etc.)
  2. Spark – what was that one or two things that happened that start the change (lost job, dropped out of school, rainy Monday, etc)
  3. Struggle – what was the challenge that popped up when you started to create that change (no support, lack of funds, lack of technology skills, etc)
  4. Insight – what was the lightbulb moment that helped you succeed past the struggle (an idea while showering, advice from a friend, etc)
  5. Resolution – where you, successfully, are right now (salon owner, great results/responses, etc)

NEON Electric Youth: Just in Time for Prom

PSC NEON Electric Youth Prom

Prom is one of the most memorable times in a girl’s life – and calls for equally memorable hair. What better way to stand out during this special occasion than by wearing Paul Mitchell Neon?! Check out some of our favorite on-trend looks and find the one that’s right for you.
Prime Time
No matter your hair’s length or texture, it’s important to start every style with clean, conditioned hair. Our Neon Care Duo contains a little sugar, which helps keep hair shiny and soft. How sweet is that?

Electric Youth Stylers Duo

Braid Brigade
If you plan to dance the night away (and why shouldn’t you?), this ’do is for you. Keep hair out of your face (but totally on-trend) with clean, simple braids. Start with a smoothing cream to control flyaways then polish strands with the neat, sleek power of Express Ion Smooth+. This specially designed version of our bestselling hot tool is available for a limited time and comes with a FREE hair chain, so even if you’re not a prom queen, you’ll look like royalty!
Express Ion Smooth + with Free Hair Chain

Hybrid Hair
Can’t decide if you want waves, braids or a style that’s up-and-away? Merge them into one look for a unique edge. Begin by adding touchable texture with a tousling cream and our limited edition Express Ion Unclipped 3-in-1. Sweep hair to one side and accent your part by twisting strands. Pile a messy bun on the top of your head, and make sure to spritz a little spray to keep things in place.

Express Ion Unclipped 3-in-1

Be sure to call your Salon Consultant to get these products in your salon! (815) 744-3384.

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