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PSC milk_shake 2017 Holiday Kits

It’s that wonderful time of the year for Beautiful Hair and Holiday Kits from concepts/milk_shake!

If you’ve been a hair dresser for any amount of time, you know that your November and December is going to be CRAZY busy with clients wanting to look their best! They’re going to see family and friends they haven’t seen in a long time and they want to put their best foot forward. So, of course, they come to you!

What’s great is in this season you’ll never be without inspiration. There is an endless stream of theme parties, glamorous dinners, and cocktail events. This festive mood is likely making your customers excited to blend in by adding some glamour to their hair color and style.

Let’s not forget they want all the bling AND keep their hair healthy. You can still do that by simply adding a little sparkle to their color and use milk_shake products. milk_shake offers endless opportunities to help make the best of the holiday season at your salon while adding a little fun and boosting your anticipated holiday profits!


Color Trio
Color Trio

color maintainer shampoo 10.1 oz
color maintainer conditioner 10.1 oz
leave In conditioner 11.8 oz

Integrity Trio
Integrity Trio

integrity nourishing shampoo 10.1 oz
integrity nourishing conditioner 10.1 oz
whipped cream 6.8 oz

Silver Trio
Silver Trio

silver shine shampoo 10.1 oz
silver shine whipped cream 6.8 oz
incredible milk 5.1 oz

Energizing Trio
Energizing Trio

energizing blend shampoo 10.1 oz
energizing blend conditioner 10.1 oz
energizing blend treatment 1.1 oz


Reuzel is the Answer You’re Looking For

PSC Reuzel The Hog
If you haven’t tried Reuzel, now is the time to get on board with one of the best men’s product on the market!

“But we cater mostly to female clients.” You don’t need much space or marketing dollars to broaden your clientele base!

  • Start with an honest evaluation of your salon.
  • Create shop windows, retail displays, and reception areas with servicing male clients in mind.
  • Create an atmosphere where men will feel comfortable and add specific men’s services to your menu (i.e. weekly touch-ups).
  • For every great female experience you offer, create a male equivalent. Engage the staff, and make it a fun exercise!





PSC_Reuzel pomade

Get started with Reuzel’s THE HOG (40% Savings!)**:

Shop Purchases:
(4x) Red pigs (4oz)
(4x) Blue Pigs (4oz)
(4x) Green Pigs (4oz)
(4x) Pink Pigs (4oz)
(4x) Fiber Pigs (4oz)
(4x) Clay Matte Pigs (4oz)
(4x) Daily Shampoo, Scrub Shampoo, and Daily Conditioner (350ml)
(4x) Grooming Tonics and Hair Tonics (350ml)
(4x) Beard Balm (1.3oz)
(4x) Beard Foam (2.36oz)
(4x) After shave (3.38oz)

Receive Complimentary:
(1x) Barber Pole Display
(1x) Back Bar Liter Daily Shampoo w/ Pump
(1x) Back Bar Liter Scrub Shampoo
(1x) Back Bar Liter Daily Conditioner w/ Pump
(1x) Scherme IO Signature Haircuts DVD
(1x) Barbershop Classics & 1 Signature Haircuts Poster
(1x) Window Sticker
(1x) Stache Tray
(1x) FREE Scumclass Voucher ($75 Value)

Call your Salon Consultant about this post and they will help you get started!

*Reuzel’s Business of Men
**While supplies last

Paul Mitchell’s Give More Love Sets

With the Holiday’s around the corner it’s time to Give More Love!

After talking with so many of our friends we have realized what a huge impact stocking stuffers can make in our HOLIDAY FUN! It can make or break a Christmas for some!

Don’t be the Stocking Scrooge!

Paul Mitchell has gone all out with their Give More Love mini sets just in time for the holidays. Your clients will go ga-ga over these babies. Remind them of all the people in their lives that could use some love: Teachers, Pet Groomers, Baby Sitters, Coaches, or even Gift Exchanges. They won’t be able to resist stocking up. Make sure your salon is ready for that!

Wait there’s more!…

True to Paul Mitchell style they have a lot more to chose from this holiday:

MARULA HOLIDAY GIFT SETS: Treat the ones you love to the gift of seasonal luxury.

PRO TOOLS: Modern Marble classics for a limited time.

NEURO TOOLS: Divine limited edition designs for your salon guests.

TREE TEA: The gift that keeps on giving with packaging you can repurpose.

AWAPUHI WILD GINGER: Luxury is always in style during the holidays.

MITCH: Unwrap style for every man in your life.

Be sure to contact your Salon Consultant to get your order in…
we’re already running low on supplies. concepts: PAY IT FORWARD IN PINK

milk_shake Go pink

Because concepts believes paying it forward is one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves and others, their milk_shake GO PINK promotion this year is the “PAY IT FORWARD” concept. The goal is to brighten someone’s day and advocate for breast cancer screening. Get ready to bring the smiles, great hairstyles and help save lives with GO PINK!

To start the PAY IT FORWARD IN PINK campaign across North America, milk_shake will be giving away 4,000 PINK products. And, a donation of $15K for local charity organizations picked by your distributor!


1. When your client is ready to check out at your salon, you hand them one of the FREE GO PINK products, explaining it’s a compliment from milk_shake and the beginning of a Pay It Forward Chain promoting Breast Cancer Awareness.

2. When this happens, it often inspires people to keep the chain going by paying it forward to the person behind them. Offer your guest to purchase one of the milk_shake GO PINK products for the next person who will be checking out.

3. Encourage your guest to use the attached card and write a personal note to the next person who will receive the GO PINK product. Encouraging to take care of their health and get tested for breast cancer.

4. It’s a simple gesture, but it affects people. And, people change the world!

If that’s not enough, here’s what these amazing milk_shake GO PINK products do for your client’s hair!

milk_shake GO PINK leave in conditioner gives manageability to hair, while protecting its structure and moisture balance. An intensive leave-in spray mask hair treatment, milk_shake GO PINK incredible milk it literally works like a boss as it protects hair from UV rays; repairs all hair types; maintains color; protects from heat; detangles; maintains hair style; adds maximum shine; creates body and volume; controls frizz; banishes and prevents split ends; easy straightening; smooth the cuticle. milk_shake GO PINK whipped cream is a no-nonsense, no-rinse conditioning and protective creamy foam for all hair types containing a milk protein to condition and restructure hair, while providing softness and manageability without weighing it down.

milk_shake GO PINK

5 pink leave in conditioner 10.1 oz

5 pink whipped cream 6.8 oz

5 pink incredible milk 5.1 oz

FREE for Pay It Forward Chain

1 pink leave in conditioner 10.1 oz

1 pink whipped cream 6.8 oz

1 pink incredible milk 5.1 oz

18 PINK cards

1 Kit of salon decorations

Join the PAY IT FORWARD IN PINK force and don’t forget to post your pay it forward stories online at and on social media using hashtags #milkshakegopink #pinkitforward. concepts: milk_shake Illuminate

milk_shake Illuminate

Are you ready for an innovative lightening and color treatment? The milk_shake Illuminate line is the new range to gently lighten your client’s hair and with two new treatments to enhance the beauty of any cut, color or style. Now you can create soft highlights with a touch of color in just five minutes. Boom! Considered your hair world enlightened.

Look no further for the perfect solution to personalize your client’s cut with tailored contrasts created during the styling process! milk_shake Illuminate quick light does just that and lightens hair in a few minutes without even needing to rinse! It’s an ammonia-free lightening treatment with immediate and delicately illuminating results for both untreated and color-treated hair.

milk_shake illuminate

WHAT YOU DO: Simply apply the product and flat-iron your client’s hair to have instant, natural contrasts with up to two levels of lightening.

HOW IT WORKS: Its formula is enriched with hydrolyzed keratin, which has a high affinity with the structural keratin of the cuticle, strengthening hair, giving consistency, greater structure and protection as well as conditioning the hair.

milk_shake Illuminate pure pigment creates spectacular color tones to uniquely handcraft your client’s hair during styling. Giving versatility to the lightening process and color tones, it illuminates hair with creative chromatic effects. And, it’s available in six vibrant shades: GOLD, RED, BLUE, VIOLET, COPPER, and BROWN.

WHAT YOU DO: Just apply the formula and flat-iron your client’s hair to have immediate, intense and vibrant color. *This treatment is carried out by mixing the chosen pure pigment shade with quick light.*

HOW IT WORKS: It contains hydrolyzed keratin, formulated to strengthen hair for greater structure, conditioning and deep protection.

Illuminate Quick Light

1 Illuminate Quick Light 6.8 oz $22.00

1 Illuminate Pure Pigment Copper 3.4 oz $19.00

1 Illuminate Pure Pigment Red 3.4 oz $19.00

1 Illuminate Pure Pigment Violet 3.4 oz $19.00

1 Illuminate Pure Pigment Gold 3.4 oz $19.00

FREE products

1 Illuminate Pure Pigment Blue 3.4 oz $19.00

1 Illuminate Pure Pigment Brown 3.4 oz $19.00

1 Illuminate technical guide

1 Illuminate easel card

6 Illuminate dropper

6 sponge brush applicators

1 milkshake bowl

1 measuring cup

Get your supply and start illuminating your clients today!

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