Davines: A Truly Authentic Line

Authentic Line

When you’re a company like Davines, you have so many amazing products that some of the tried and true might get overlooked. That’s how we feel about Davines’ Authentic Line. It’s beautiful products that has always been a life changer for hair.

Let us reintroduce Authentic to you…

Discover the Secrets of Authentic

Devoted to the timeless essence of natural beauty, Authentic is formulated with 98% to 100% natural ingredients – including safflower, sesame and sunflower oil, jojoba and shea butter.

Without sulfates, parabens, artificial coloring, silicones, mineral oils, PEGs, or ethoxylates, each Authentic product is designed for gentle yet effective multi-use on face, body, and hair.

Take the opportunity to learn more about the unique ways in which Authentic can add to your services in salon and transform your client’s natural beauty routines at home [815-744-3384]!


Authentic Cleansing Nectar 280 ml 3
Authentic Moisturizing Balm 150 ml 3
Authentic Nourishing Oil 140 ml 3
Authentic Replenishing Butter 200 ml 3


Authentic Moisturizing Balm Tester 150 ml 2
Authentic Replenishing Butter Tester 200 ml 2
Authentic Cleansing Nectar Sachet 12×12 ml 1
Authentic Moisturizing Balm Sachet 12×12 ml 1
Authentic Nourishing Oil Sachet 12×6 ml 1
Authentic Replenishing Butter Sachet 12×12 ml 1
Authentic Salon Tip Sheet (laminated) n/a 1
Authentic Consumer Tip Pancarte Kit of 4 3.5” x 5” 1

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12 Reasons Why You’ll Love milk_shake Incredible Oil

PSC incredible oil

Extreme HEAT and extreme COLD can mean one thing when it comes to hair – CRUNCHY HAIR! Split ends and damaged hair can leave even the best cut looking painful.

If you relate then you need to check out milk_shake’s Incredible Oil. The name itself says it all.

milk_shake Incredible Oil is an intensive leave in treatment formulated to contrast and prevent split ends and protect the hair from the heat of blow-drying, irons and wands, as well as other stress factors that weaken the hair [SUN!]. It gives nourishment, strength, softness and detangles the hair.

Let’s break this down…

  • it protects hair from the heat of blow-drying and irons
  • it contributes to the reparation process of damaged hair and split ends
  • it smoothens and seals the cuticle
  • it strengthens and gives consistency to the hair fibre
  • it helps to prevent split ends and breakage
  • it nourishes the hair, leaving it soft and silky [yum!]
  • it detangles and prevents tangles
  • it gives shine and enhances the hair’s radiance
  • it tames frizz
  • it enhances color
  • it improves manageability during styling
  • it doesn’t weigh the hair down and is ideal for all hair types

My first experience with this beautiful product, was quite simply ‘Incredible’. My hairdresser gave me expert advice on how to apply the product correctly, to gain the maximum result. Unlike any other treatment or oil I have used, this gave such unbelievable shine, luster and the feeling of bringing back youthfulness to my hair. The love & protection factor of the Incredible Oil, felt like my hairdresser wrapped their arms around my hair. Thank you Milk Shake for giving such an amazing product to the World. ~Tracey Smith

Heat it up with Neuro Liquid


Ready to heat up your salon revenues? Launching this month is the new Neuro Liquid Collection, a complete line of performance-engineered products built to withstand the heat! Made with exclusive HeatCTRL technology, the scientifically proven regimen activates with heat to help protect against damage caused by daily styling, blow-drying and smoothing.

The seven products are formulated with proteins and silicones that crosslink to help repair the cuticle and form a protective barrier that activates with heat. HeatCTRL helps reduce the rate of heat transfer, so you get all of the styling power without the damage!

Neuro Liquid Collection

HeatCTRL is proven to:

  • Provide heat-activated thermal protection
  • Help prevent the cuticle from cracking
  • Add gloss, moisture and shine

A series of kits will begin shipping in July and August, and there will be ongoing in-tool sampling featuring Neuro Prime and Neuro Protect.

From the Wash House to the Styling Station, Neuro Liquid has everything you need for the perfect blowout.

milk_shake Lifestyling

milk_shake Lifestyling

hair for every lifestyle

We’re so excited to announce the arrival of the new lifestyling range from milk_shake, this July! All the natural goodness of milk_shake products in a brand new styling range, encapsulated in new, pretty and luxurious packaging, ready for your hair beauty shelf.


strong hold hair spray for color treated hair / fabulous
A strong hold hair spray formulated to give structure, hold and to maintain any style without compromising the natural movement of the hair. Leaves hair voluminous and shiny without unwanted residue and without weighing the hair down. With a UV filter and quinoa proteins for greater hair color stability over time, protection for treated hair, and an extremely healthy result with intense color and lustre.

Use: spray at approx. 8-12 inches from the hair as required.


medium hold hair spray / flexible
Medium hold hair spray that gives hold and keeps hair styles in place with a natural, flexible hold. Leaves hair voluminous and shiny without unwanted residue and without weighing the hair down. A new formula, with a UV filter and quinoa proteins, protects the hair fibre from the sun and environmental pollution, which can cause color fading. Quinoa proteins help to maintain color within the hair fibre, helping to preserve hair color over time and enhancing the hair’s shine, for a healthy, vibrant result.

Use: spray at approx. 8-12 inches from the hair as required.


instant dry shampoo / magic
Ultra-fine, instant formula. With just one gesture it refreshes the scalp for a fresh, clean feeling without using water, for a light result with no residue. Leaves hair looking cleaner for longer. Contains a special modified starch that helps to absorb sebum to reduce the unwanted shine and heaviness created by scalp impurities. With hemp seed oil, with nourishing and emollient properties for scalp and hair.

Use: shake before use, spray onto roots, wait a few moments, then style using hands or a brush.

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